Cuyana’s New Loungewear Collection Is Perfect for Winter Travel

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<p><a href="">Staying warm and cozy during the winter months</a> often means curling up in your favorite <a href="">loungewear</a>. And while pajamas and <a href="">sweats</a> always do the trick, there are also some more fashionable options on the market that allow you to take your cozy look from the couch to just about anywhere, especially if you'll be traveling this season. </p><p>Cuyana's new <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Made to Leisure</a> collection includes several lounge separates that will be sure to keep you cozy and comfortable through all your travels this winter. Pair these items with you favorite <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Cuyana bag</a> and your travel wardrobe will be complete. </p><p><strong>Related: </strong>More <a href="">must-have loungewear</a></p><p>Keep reading for our favorites from the collection. </p><h2>French Terry Boatneck Sweatshirt and Tapered Lounge Pant</h2>%image2 There's nothing better for a long flight or lazy day than matching lounge separates. The <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">French Terry Boatneck Sweatshirt</a> is made from a super-soft Pima cotton and modal blend that you won't want to take off. And while many sweatshirts are boxy and unflattering, this top features a feminine boatneck collar, which you can also wear off the shoulder for an even more lived-in look. Ribbed details in the cuffs and hem give just enough structure to the otherwise slightly oversized top. Plus, a pleat detail in the back gives a unique flair that makes this piece stand out from all the other sweatshirts in your closet. To pair with your sweatshirt, the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">French Terry Tapered Lounge Pant</a> is the perfect jogger-style pant that is supremely comfortable yet still flattering. The pants are made from the same Pima and modal blend as the sweatshirt and feature an elastic waist for ultimate comfort. There's no doubt these pants feel good, but features like a cropped silhouette, ribbed him, and side slit pockets add just enough style that allow you to wear them anywhere. <p>To buy: (sweatshirt) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $85; (pants) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $95</p><h2>Twisted Long Sleeve Top</h2><img alt="Black Longsleeve Lounge Women's Shirt "src=""><p>For a more polished look that's still undeniably cozy, go with the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Twisted Long Sleeve Top</a>. With an asymmetrical neckline and side ruching detailing, this top is both polished and flattering without sacrificing comfort, thanks to ultra-soft fabric. An added bonus, this top can easily be dressed up or down, making it a travel essential. </p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $55</p><h2>Seamless Leggings</h2><img alt="Black Seamless Women's Leggings "src=""><p>Everyone needs a comfy pair of leggings to get them through the winter. The <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Seamless Leggings</a> from Cuyana are made from a Polyamide Elastane Blend, giving you a smooth, body-contouring look that's both flattering and easy to wear. </p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $95</p><p><em>Love a great deal? <a href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567">Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </em></p>
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Airbus’ Newest Plane Looks Exactly Like a Beluga Whale — and It’s Finally Ready to Hit the Skies

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 17:42
<p>Airbus just released its newest aircraft into the skies, but by the looks of it, it could belong in the sea. </p><p><a href="">Airbus’ Beluga XL, </a>which will be used to ferry airplane parts to the company’s final assembly factories in Toulouse; Hamburg, Germany and Tianjin, China, had its first operational flight on Jan. 9, <a href="">according to the company</a>.</p><p>The plane — it’s official name is the A330-700L — is the first of six such aircraft. And while it has a lot of technical specs that make it efficient for the company, its most prominent feature is its uncanny resemblance to the adorable beluga whale, enhanced by the plane’s paint job (with eyes and a smile), which Airbus employees voted for.</p><p>"This plane is, I would say, iconic for our company," Bertrand George, the head of the Beluga XL program, has <a href="">told <em>CNN Travel</em>. </a>"This is the workhorse for Airbus. So it is more than a plane. It is what enables Airbus to build aircraft every day."</p><p>The aircraft itself was adapted from an A330-200 Freighter with a lowered cockpit, according to Airbus. The latest iteration is the second of its kind, following the Beluga, which the company has been using since 1995, <em>CNN</em> reported.</p><p>The plane’s cargo bay is capable of carrying two A350 wings, while its signature nose works to improve aerodynamic efficiency, according to <em>CNN</em>. Before being entered into service, the plane went through more than 200 test flights over more than 700 flight hours.</p><p>Even the factory at Hawarden Airport in the U.K. where Airbus manufactures wings, has undergone renovations to accommodate the new plane: <em>CNN</em> reported two sets of doors have been created to fit the Beluga and the Beluga XL, while Airbus has created blast fences to redirect the planes’ high-energy exhaust and installed new turn pads so it can turn around on the relatively short runway.</p><p>The additional Beluga XL aircraft, which stand at 63 meters long, will be introduced between this year and 2023, according to Airbus.</p>
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Viking Cruises Launches Epic New Expedition Trips (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 16:36
<p>Viking Cruises has just announced the launch of Viking Expeditions, an exciting new chapter in the company’s history. This new arm of the ever-expanding brand will focus on small-ship trips to Antarctica and the Great Lakes of North America.</p><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship pools on deck "src=""><p>Viking will begin these voyages in January 2022 with the <em>Viking Octantis</em>, a Polar Class 6 vessel with 189 staterooms and designed by the same team as <a href="">its award-winning ocean ships</a>. The <em>Octantis</em> will be followed by a second ship, <em>Viking Polaris</em>, in August 2022. Both vessels will be small enough to make their way through narrow waterways like the St. Lawrence River in Canada but large enough to handle the open seas. Eventually, they’ll offer sailings through Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, along the coast of Brazil, and island hopping around the Caribbean.</p><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship hangar "src=""><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship "src=""><p>“Our guests are curious explorers,” said Torstein Hagen, chairman of Viking, at a launch event held Wednesday night at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. “Now, in creating ‘the thinking person’s expedition,’ we are perfecting polar expedition cruising, and we will usher in a new era of comfortable exploration in the heart of North America.”</p><p>This is Viking’s first foray into the Great Lakes region, and the announcement came with a commitment to bolster tourism and economic development in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. (The Great Lakes, incidentally, are having a moment. T+L chose them as one of our <a href="">50 Best Places to Travel in 2020</a>, as more high-end cruise lines, including French company Ponant, are entering the region.) As for experiences guests should expect on board, Viking has created an exclusive partnership with the Cambridge University-based Scott Polar Research Institute and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (a leading bird research facility), which will match top researchers with each sailing, so guests will be fully prepped for their shore excursions. Additionally, Viking has partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), whose scientists will join expeditions in the Great Lakes to conduct research focused on changes in the region’s weather, climate, and ecosystems. NOAA scientists may also offer lectures about the Great Lakes’ unique environment to Viking guests during these voyages.</p><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship terrace deck "src=""><p>The line’s own 25 person-strong Expedition Team will also join every voyage. These experts, from biologists to botanists, geologists to glaciologists, as well as submarine pilots and photographers, with host daily lectures and briefings. On shore, guests have the chance to assist in field work, which might mean tracking migratory patterns of penguins, or trek with scientists as they collect various samples of flora and fauna. And while both ships are designed for challenging conditions, the on board experience is a different world, with six restaurants, a spa, sauna, and The Aula—an auditorium with floor-to-ceiling windows and 270-degree views and will act as the central educational hub.</p><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship lounge "src=""><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship living room "src=""><p>Expedition cruising wasn’t the only topic of conversation at the launch event. After a performance by Sissel Kyrkjebø, one of the world’s leading sopranos, she officially named the newest ship in Viking’s ocean fleet, the <em>Viking Jupiter. </em>And it all happened live via satellite, as the ship sailed between the Falkland Islands and Cape Horn, off the southern tip of Chile. Talk about an expedition.</p><img alt="Viking Cruises Expedition Ship Junior Suite with views of glaciers "src="">
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Man Caught Trying to Smuggle 200 Live Scorpions From Sri Lanka to China (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 16:19
<p>A Chinese man was caught this week trying to smuggle hundreds of live scorpions in his checked luggage while flying from <a href="">Sri Lanka</a>, according to reports.</p><img alt="Security checkpoint "src=""><p>The man, 30, tried to stuff 200 of the creepy crawlers into his suitcase, which was then discovered on Monday by airport officials, <a href=""><em>CNN</em> reported</a>. The man was apparently trying to take the critters from Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport to <a href="">Guangzhou</a> in southern China.</p><p>According to <em>CNN</em>, citing a notice from the Hong Kong Department of Health, scorpions are sometimes used in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the claim they can be beneficial for pain relief in muscles and nerves.</p><p>The scorpions themselves were packed in at least seven different plastic boxes. The man who tried to smuggle them was released after he paid a fine of 100,000 Sri Lankan rupees, or just over $551.</p><p>"These scorpions were collected from several areas in Sri Lanka," Sri Lanka Customs spokesman Sunil Jayarathna told <em>CNN</em>. "While the venomous scorpions are not deadly, they are protected."</p><p>In Sri Lanka, there are about 18 different species of venomous scorpions, <a href="">according to the <em>BBC</em></a>, with only one being fatal.</p><p>According to the <em>BBC</em>, Sri Lanka has been trying to crack down on wildlife trafficking, but in fact attempts at smuggling animals have been going up. In June, the network reported that several officials were charged with catching baby elephants and accused of trying to sell them. And three years ago, the country destroyed rare birds nests from traffickers, which are used as an ingredient in soup in several Asian countries.</p><p>While the man did not succeed in bringing the scorpions on the plane, there have been several instances of the arachnids being found on flights. In December, a woman was <a href="">stung by a scorpion mid-flight</a> on a United Airlines plane from San Francisco to Atlanta and in February 2019, a woman was <a href="">stung on a plane from Toronto to Calgary</a>.</p><p>There have also been several instances of scorpions <a href="">climbing out of people’s suitcases</a> and <a href="">falling from the overhead bins</a> in what were undoubtedly travel nightmares.</p>
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Diego, the 130-year-old Tortoise, Is Retiring After Single-handedly Repopulating His Endangered Species

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 15:50
<p>If anyone has earned the right to retire, it’s Diego.</p><p>Since 1976, the giant tortoise, who hails from San Diego, has lived at the Fausto Llerena Tortoise Center on Santa Cruz Island in the <a href="">Galapagos</a>. There, he’s been extremely busy getting busy.</p><p>You see, Diego is retiring today after helping repopulate the entire species of giant tortoises from the <a href="">Galapagos</a> island of Española.</p><p>Once just one of 15 surviving tortoises of his kind (12 females and three males), Diego has helped boomerang his species back to more than 2,000 members. But it was an exceptionally long (and slow) journey to get there.</p><p>As <em><a href="">The New York Times</a></em> explained, the conservation program began in 1965. It was first focused on saving another species — the tortoise population on Pinzón Island. However, by 1970, it expanded to include the Española Island tortoises as well.</p><p>Truly, it was a matter of life or death, as there were just 14 tortoises left. But, in 1976, the conservationists introduced their third male to the program, Diego, who had been flown in from his home at the San Diego Zoo to…assist. And boy did he outperform every expectation.</p><p>Diego, the researchers said in a <a href="">statement</a>, "has become a symbol of the <a href="">Galapagos</a> conservation, since it is estimated that approximately 40 percent of the turtles repatriated on Española Island are his descendants."</p><p>But those aren’t the only tortoises to carry Diego’s DNA. According to the <a href="">San Diego Zoo</a>, he sired his fair share of children there, too. They estimate Diego is the father of at least 1,700 offspring.</p><p>Now, researchers say that Diego, who is over 100 years old, will get to return home to Española Island almost 80 years after he was extracted and displayed at a zoo. He can keep up the good work there, but this time it will all just be for fun.</p>
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Artist Transforms a Rundown House in Arkansas Into a Rainbow Art Installation

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 15:09
<p>Sometimes, you can find <a href="">rainbows</a> in unexpected places, including in the middle of northwestern Arkansas.</p><p>Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel teamed up with <a href="">Justkids</a> (an art curation house) and 64.6 Downtown (a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the community) to completely transform a rundown house in Fort Smith, Arkansas, into a beautiful, <a href="">colorful destination</a>​​​​​​, <em><a href="">Hyperallergic</a></em> reported.</p><img alt="Justkids x Okuda San Miguel Fort Smith, Arkansas Rainbow Embassy "src=""><p>Dubbed the “Rainbow Embassy,” the house-slash-<a href="">art installation</a> has been painted in all the colors of the rainbow as well as eye-catching patterns such as stripes, geometric shapes, and stars, according to <em><a href="">Artnet News</a></em>. The house is located in a residential area, close to a public school at the intersection of North 14th Street and North G Street, so it’s a bright and cheerful addition to the neighborhood.</p><img alt="Justkids x Okuda San Miguel Fort Smith, Arkansas Rainbow Embassy "src=""><img alt="Justkids x Okuda San Miguel Fort Smith, Arkansas Rainbow Embassy "src=""><p>The roof is especially vibrant, with bright triangles and stripes. The front facade of the house also has a geometric pattern that’s meant to resemble a dog’s face. The garage is painted as well, featuring a smiley-face on its door.</p><p>According to <em><a href="">Lonely Planet</a></em>, San Miguel hopes the house will bring “a touch of imagination into [the locals’] daily lives, as they will get to enjoy the installation and watch it evolve through the seasons”.</p><p>“This project gave me the possibility to expand on my previous work, adding more architectonic dimension and completing my vision of mythical animals,” San Miguel told <em><a href="">Designboom</a></em>. The artist has visited Fort Smith before, when he similarly revamped Walala Pump &amp; Go in the town, according to <em>Lonely Planet</em>. San Miguel has also worked with Justkids in Boston to create <a href="">“kaleidoscopic” animal figures</a> on the city’s waterfront, <em>Lonely Planet</em> reported.</p><p>Charlotte Dutoit, the curator for Justkids, said in a statement to <em>Artnet News</em>, “Okuda’s high spirited and immersive works are a true gift of joy to the community.” The house is part of a larger Justkids project entitled, “The Unexpected.”</p><p>And it all comes as an effort to revitalize the community, especially in areas that have been underserved. More of San Miguel’s public art projects can be seen on his <a href="">website</a>, and further information on the "Rainbow Embassy" and other Justkids projects can be found on the <a href="">organization’s website</a>.</p>
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Delta Plane Drops Fuel on Elementary School Children As Flight Made an Emergency Landing at LAX

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 14:22
<p>A Delta plane on its way to Los Angeles International Airport for an emergency landing on Tuesday ended up dropping jet fuel on kids in an elementary school playground.</p><p>The Boeing 777 plane, Delta Flight 89, had initially taken off from <a href="">LAX</a> and was headed to <a href="">Shanghai</a> with more than 140 passengers when it was forced to turn around and head back due to an engine issue, Delta and <a href="">the <i>Los Angeles Times</i> reported.</a> </p><p>“Shortly after takeoff, Flight 89 from LAX to Shanghai experienced an engine issue requiring the aircraft to return quickly to LAX,” Delta <a href="">said in a statement</a>. “The aircraft landed safely after a release of fuel, which was required as part of normal procedure to reach a safe landing weight. Delta is in touch with Los Angeles World Airports and the LA County Fire Department as well as community leaders, and shares concerns regarding reports of minor injuries to adults and children at schools in the area.”</p><p>According to <em>The Times</em>, an LAFD firefighter said the plane was “reporting a compressor stall,” which can cause the loss of airflow through an engine and, ultimately, engine failure. A passenger on the plane told the paper he heard a popping sound and “I knew that wasn’t good. The pilot came on a couple minutes later and said we were going back to LAX, and that was that.”</p><p>The plane never reached above 8,000 feet, the <i>LA Times </i>reported and was only about 2,300 feet when it flew over the school at 11:53 a.m. The flight, which is about 13 hours nonstop, flew for about 25 minutes.</p><p>While the plane was heading back, the paper reported several students at the Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy were doused with the jet fuel. At the school, the Los Angeles County Fire Department treated 20 children and 11 adults for minor injuries, with no one going to the hospital. In addition, the Times reported more people were affected, including several at other elementary schools and a high school.</p><p>“We came out and we were playing, and the airplane was outside and we thought it was rain, but then we knew it was throwing gas on us, and everybody started to run,” one 11-year-old Park Avenue Elementary School sixth grader told the paper. “We went to the auditorium and we knew what happened. We went back to class. We stayed for one hour and then we went home.”</p><p>He added: “Yeah, it smelled bad… It wasn’t water.”</p><p>In its statement, Delta said people or property owners who were affected by the release of the jet fuel can contact the airline.</p>
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Why Parents Should Skip Pre-boarding Flights With Kids, According to Samantha Brown (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 11:02
<p>Travel TV host <a href="">Samantha Brown</a> is always on the go. And as a mother of twins, she has some hard-earned advice for parents trying to <a href="">travel with their children</a>.</p><p>Brown <a href="">sat down with <em>CNN</em></a> to divulge some of her best travel tips for parents, and one is truly an eye-opener: Brown says you should never use the pre-boarding option when taking flights with kids.</p><p>Although the idea of having to wait in line and shove your way through your regular boarding group (with kids in tow, no less) may seem like a nightmare for some parents, Brown has some very good reasoning behind it.</p><img alt="Samantha Brown, host from PBS and the Travel Channel "src=""><p>Brown told <em>CNN</em> that boarding is the “absolute worst time” during the flight, especially for kids. Not only do they have to sit still while everyone pushes through to their seats, but they also have the chance to absorb some of the worst in-flight behavior, including people shoving bags into overhead bins, being rude to the crew or fellow passengers, or just generally being discourteous. As all parents know, little kids can be absorbent little sponges for the behaviors and attitudes seen around them, so seeing rudeness as the norm can affect how they behave in life.</p><p>But if your children are especially young, you don’t have to delay your fellow passengers while trying to fit your strollers, car seats, and other <a href="">supplies on the plane</a>. Brown suggests, if you’re traveling with a partner, one person can go ahead during pre-boarding to set up all their luggage while the other stays behind with the children.</p><p>While Brown admits her advice may not be fool-proof (even she says her kids will cry for the entire flight sometimes), her words are definitely something to take into account. According to <em>CNN</em>, Brown has taken 45 flights in the last year – some of them, likely, with her kids.</p><p>Brown, first known for her work on Travel Channel, now works on her own travel show, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Samantha Brown's Places to Love</em></a>. The third season premiered on PBS on Jan. 11.</p>
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This Sleek Phone Case Doubles As a Travel Wallet — and You Can Wear It Like a Crossbody Bag

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 10:32
<p>If you constantly find yourself fishing at the bottom of your bag for your phone, <a href="">wallet</a>, and other essentials, this convenient <a href="">crossbody</a>, which also doubles as an <a href="">iPhone case</a>, will be a major game changer. </p><p>Available in sizes that are compatible with the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tltrvsleekphonecasetravelwalletmdiamondjan20-20&amp;linkId=c1d2888b5bc9e7bbe81cb0bf3ce57d3c">Emma Crossbody Phone Case</a> from Bandolier is a must-have for those wanting to stay organized without sacrificing style. </p><p><strong>Related: </strong>More <a href="">must-have travel accessories</a></p><img alt="Black Leather Phone Case Crossbody Bag "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tltrvsleekphonecasetravelwalletmdiamondjan20-20&amp;linkId=c1d2888b5bc9e7bbe81cb0bf3ce57d3c"></a>, from $88</p><p>The black pebbled leather case is sleek and stylish, and it includes an adjustable leather crossbody strap. On the back, there's a two-pocket snap wallet, which has just enough room for important cards and cash. </p><p>Meanwhile, the open-face design allows you to see and use your phone easily, whether you're checking maps or snapping a photo. And while the phone case is perfect for traveling light, you also have the option to add the <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tltrvsleekphonecasetravelwalletmdiamondjan20-20&amp;linkId=779588a0fa0ae7b37ffcb8dd1f5f48c8">Bandolier Expanded Zip Pouch</a> for more storage space. Simply attach the pouch to the existing crossbody strap, and the phone case and pouch combine seamlessly for a sleek leather look. </p><img alt="Black Leather Phone Wallet Crossbody "src=""><p>Amazon shoppers have raved about this crossbody for its convenience. "This is perfect to enable me to have my phone with me and easily accessible without holding it in my hand or searching for it in a purse. In fact, I don’t take a purse and have a credit card in the case, so it’s a hands-free day," one reviewer wrote.</p><p>Another shopper commented on how the case comes in handy for travel. "I just got the new iPhone XS Max, which is a bit bulky to fit in some of my pants or jacket pockets. This is a great solution, especially when traveling and taking pictures." </p><p><em>Love a great deal? <a href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567">Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </em></p>
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This Travel Organizer Fits in the Airplane Seatback Pocket — and It Will Change the Way You Fly

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 10:17
<p>As much as you prepare for a trip and as well as you pack, there's no doubt that it's difficult to stay <a href="">organized</a> on an airplane. Between dealing with precarious seating arrangements and often storing your <a href="">luggage</a> out of reach, keeping track of your essentials while in flight is no easy task.</p><p>Luckily, the travel brand <a href="">Béis</a> created a handy organizer specifically designed to keep you organized from your airplane seat. The <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Seatback Organizer</a> is a simple yet game-changing accessory that you'll want to add to your <a href="">carry-on</a> immediately. </p><p><strong>Related: </strong>More <a href="">travel organizers</a></p><img alt="Blue and Tan Faux Leather Organizer Pouch "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $34</p><p>The lightweight faux leather organizer folds open and fits onto to the seatback pocket, allowing easy access to items stored inside. Conveniently placed magnets make sure it stays in place. The organizer features one long slip pocket meant for boarding passes, a long zippered pocket for passports and other valuables, as well as three smaller slip pockets, which the brand recommends using to store your phone, earbuds, and other small items. </p><p>Shoppers have raved about the convenience of this travel accessory. "Being able to keep my airplane items stored in the Béis pouch helps me easily find these small things without taking my bag out from under the seat in front of me 100 times every flight and bothering my seatmates," one reviewer wrote. </p><p>Another buyer remarked on all the items they were able to fit in the organizer. "I put everything I could think of [that] we might need quick access to: tissues, lip balm, hand sanitizer, wipes, homeopathic meds, snacks, lotion, etc. Everything fit and it held up great. On the way back, I was sick and had quick access to face masks and meds. It was one of the best purchases I made for this trip."</p><p><em>Love a great deal? <a href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567">Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </em></p>
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Where in Australia You Can Visit Right Now — and How to Help Bushfire Recovery Efforts (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 08:15
<p>If you’ve been watching the news or scrolling through social media lately, you’ve almost certainly come across dire pictures of the Australian bushfires. I know first-hand how frightening fire season can be — my own family’s farm about three hours outside Sydney fell victim to a blaze in 2018 — and the past several weeks have been particularly scary. The fires cannot be underestimated in their power or ferocity, but it’s important to understand that the exact breadth of the crisis has, at times, been misconstrued.</p><img alt="Tourist at Fitzroy Island off the coast of Cairns "src=""><p>Australia is a massive continent with large parts unaffected, especially the areas most often frequented by travelers, including Cairns and the <a href="">Great Barrier Reef</a>, Western Australia’s <a href="">Kimberley region</a>, and South Australia’s winelands. (More on that below.) To draw a parallel, the country is roughly the same size as the United States, so an earthquake in Los Angeles wouldn’t be a likely deterrent if you had plans to visit Chicago or New York.</p><img alt="Sunset at Ningaloo Lighthouse near Exmouth, Western Australia. "src=""><p>In short, Australia is not off-limits. Far from it. Many of the impacted towns rely on tourism to bolster their local economies, which means travelers will be key to rebuilding the scorched parts of the country and helping the communities and wildlife recover. Explore some of the technicolor reefs, like Ninagloo off the coast of <a href="">Western Australia</a>. Go wine tasting at the boutique <a href="">wineries dotting Barossa Valley, the McClaren Vale, or Adelaide Hills</a> in South Australia. Hike pristine stretches of coastline on an <a href="">aboriginal-led walk in Tasmania</a>. Tuck into wildly the inventive food and drink scene that’s made Melbourne a global destination. Experience an Aussie-style safari at Arkaba Station — a luxury lodge in the Flinders Range — and learn how locals are working diligently to rehabilitate the land. In many cases, you can participate in conservation projects, too.</p><p><em>Travel + Leisure </em>named Australia as its 2020 <a href="">Destination of the Year</a>, and none of the reasons behind the choice have changed. Much of the flora and fauna in Australia doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth, and it’s breathtaking to witness up close. And while the fires have no doubt taken a tremendous toll in parts of the country, they have not changed the generous, exuberant spirit of the people, who are more than eager to show everything that makes the land Down Under such a singular place. Book a trip, don’t cancel existing travel plans without checking travel alerts — chances are, the destinations you're visiting still have the green light to go — and, if possible, stay a bit longer.</p><img alt="The sails of the Opera House are lit with a series of images to show support for the communities affected by the bushfires and to express the gratitude to the emergency services and volunteers in Sydney on January 11, 2020 "src=""><h2>Which areas are safe to visit?</h2><p>“There are many destinations across Australia that are currently unaffected by the bushfires,” says Phillipa Harrison, managing director for Tourism Australia, which is maintaining a <a href="">travel alerts page</a> to keep travelers abreast of regional updates. Destinations such as Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, areas around Perth, Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory are all safe to visit. All international airports remain open, including those in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, and are continuing to welcome international visitors.”</p><img alt="Uluru, AUSTRALIA at Sunset "src=""><h2>Why is visiting Australia so important right now?</h2><p>There are large parts of Australia that, though unaffected by the bushfires, are suffering from a domino effect of canceled bookings. Many of Australia’s best-known tourism destinations that have previously faced natural disasters have bounced back with the support of travelers, such as Cyclone Debbie, which blew through the Whitsundays in 2017. “When affected communities are ready to once again welcome visitors, tourism will play an important role in supporting their recovery,” said Harrison.</p><h2>How can tourists help on the ground?</h2><p>Most charities in Australia can’t accept last-minute volunteer requests as training and background checks are usually required. That said, new volunteers are often welcomed, and those interested in donating their time can seek out application forms online.</p><p>Right now, the best way to directly help the communities affected by the bushfires is to donate to a cause of your choice.</p><p>Leading charities raising funds to help communities include <a href=";utm_medium=socialorganic&amp;utm_campaign=201913_drr_disaster-relief-and-recovery_don_transient_bushfires_none">The Australian Red Cross Society</a>, <a href="">The Salvation Army</a>, <a href="">St Vincent de Paul Society</a>, and <a href="">Lifeline</a>.</p><img alt="Volunteers help help organise large donations of goods at the Food Bank Distribution Centre bound for areas impacted by bushfires on January 07, 2020 in the Glendenning suburb of Sydney, Australia. "src=""><p>Rural Fire Services, volunteer fire-fighting associations across the nation, are accepting donations directed to emergency efforts and non-emergency community work: <a href="">NSW Rural Fire Service</a>, <a href="">QLD Fire and Rescue</a>, <a href="">VIC Country Fire Authority</a>, <a href="">Western Australia Fire Service</a>. Comedian <a href=";_rdr">Celeste Barber</a> has been bringing in a huge amount of financing for the NSW Rural Fire Service in particular through her Facebook page.</p><p>Besides monetary donations, not-for-profit <a href="">GIVIT</a> is gathering goods for those who have lost their belongings, while <a href="">Foodbank</a> is welcoming donations of non-perishable food and other essential grocery items at their warehouses around Australia.</p><p><a href="">WIRES Wildlife Rescue</a> is not only accepting donations to save wildlife, but the charity is also providing detailed instructions on how to make pouches for small marsupials, which you can send to PO Box 7276, Warringah Mall, NSW 2100.</p><p><a href=";_rdr">Animal Rescue Craft Guild</a> are sewing pouches and blankets for orphaned, displaced, and injured critters. Volunteers are given templates to create as many items as they can that will be donated to rescue centres.</p><h2>What to know before you go</h2><p><a href=""></a> is travelers’ main source for information, including the most <a href="">up-to-date alerts on affected areas</a>.</p><p>On the ground, travellers are encouraged to speak with local tourism operators and staff at local Visitor Information Centres for advice about local conditions. The Australian Government’s <a href="">Bureau of Meteorology</a> provides weather updates for all parts of Australia, including the latest fire warnings..</p><p>The websites for individual states are also maintaining information on bushfires: <a href="blank">New South Wales</a>, <a href="">Victoria</a>, <a href="">Tasmania</a>, <a href="">Australian Capital Territory</a>, <a href="">Northern Territory</a>, <a href="">Queensland</a>, <a href="">South Australia</a>, and <a href="">Western Australia</a>.</p>
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The Best Luggage Brands for Every Budget

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 07:45
<p>With so many choices on the market today, deciding between the best luggage brands can be a challenge. Identifying the best of anything involves personal taste and style, and so it is with luggage.</p><p>There are, however, some objective considerations in recommending the best luggage brands, such as design, warranty, and <a href="" target="_blank">quality of materials</a>, zippers, wheels, and handles. Beyond that, these brands' bags should optimize interior space and offer sizes that meet both travelers’ needs and airlines’ requirements.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Airline Carry-on Luggage Size Restrictions: What You Need to Know</a></p><p>Price is also a consideration. One could spend thousands of dollars on a piece of luggage that might be the best on the market, but not everyone’s budget would permit that expenditure on a suitcase. Therefore, our recommendations for best luggage brands are based on value as well as quality and design.</p><p>The list includes luggage in various price ranges, ordered from low to high investment, with an emphasis on durability, style, and function.</p><p>These are the best luggage brands for every budget: </p><a href=";i=fashion&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=347ef04aee185c6c4627b2c9c77e28d1&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20">American Tourister</a><a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=290de8c749b6615fb4e18bec94775524&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325">Samsonite</a><a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=c916d17851ed2323e369b7a7ba617744&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325">Travelpro</a><a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=f8da2d82981394a6778820dbebb9c6c8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20">Eagle Creek</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Delsey</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=briggs+and+riley&amp;typein=briggs+&amp;position=1" target="_blank">Briggs &amp; Riley</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=victorinox+swiss+army&amp;typein=victorin&amp;position=1" target="_blank">Victorinox</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Tumi</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Hartmann</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=bric%27s" target="_blank">Bric’s</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=rimowa" target="_blank">Rimowa</a><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Globe-Trotter</a><h2>American Tourister</h2><img alt="American Tourister Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>For good quality at lower- to mid-range prices, American Tourister could be considered the best luggage brand for practical vacationers who may not travel frequently enough to demand extremely durable or luxurious luggage. Owned by Samsonite, this widely available and dependable brand includes softside and <a href="" target="_blank">hardside</a> luggage in a variety of bold colors and finishes, including bags for kids (and adults!) featuring favorite Disney and Marvel Comics characters.</p><p>American Tourister luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Walmart</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy's</a>, and <a href=";tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=347ef04aee185c6c4627b2c9c77e28d1&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;index=apparel&amp;keywords=american%20tourister" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Amazon</a>.</p><h2>Samsonite</h2><img alt="Samsonite Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>One of the best-known luggage brands, Samsonite began more than 100 years ago as a trunk manufacturer. Its wide range of products includes hardside and softside bags, garment bags, backpacks, and travel accessories. Four-wheeled spinners and gliders, with their lower center of gravity, are also included in their product line. Sold in the low-to-middle price range, Samsonite products offer durability, style, and value. </p><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Samsonite</a> luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zappos</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy’s</a>, and <a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=290de8c749b6615fb4e18bec94775524&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Amazon</a>.</p><h2>Travelpro</h2><img alt="Travelpro Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>This mid-priced brand, a favorite of flight crews, offers excellent quality, value, and durability. Its claim to fame is that it was invented by an airline pilot who recognized the need for wheeled luggage––and made it work. The popular <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Maxlite series</a> includes softside and hardside styles in a range of colors, two-wheel rollaboard, or four-wheel spinner. The just-launched <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Platinum Elite line</a>, their high-end option, comes with premium fabrics, leather trim, and a “Worry-Free” lifetime warranty.</p><p>Travelpro luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=c916d17851ed2323e369b7a7ba617744&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325" target="_blank">Amazon</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zappos</a>.</p><h2>Eagle Creek</h2><img alt="Eagle Creek Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>This rugged luggage line has a casual, outdoorsy vibe with an emphasis on durability and functionality. Tough, weather-resistant coated polyester fabrics, heavy-duty wheels, and puncture-proof lockable zippers make it ready for rough treatment on long trips, and the company backs it up with its “No Matter What” lifetime warranty. Above mid-range in price, practical additions include a key fob with bottle opener and add-a-bag straps.</p><p>Eagle Creek luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a href=";_encoding=UTF8&amp;tag=tlbestluggagebrands-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;linkId=f8da2d82981394a6778820dbebb9c6c8&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325" target="_blank">Amazon</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zappos</a>.</p><h2>Delsey</h2><img alt="Delsey Suitcases and Luggage "src=""><p>Founded in Paris in 1946 as a producer of leather camera cases, Delsey expanded into the luggage business in 1970 with its first hardcase line. They still specialize in hardside bags, creating the first style with one main compartment similar to a softside luggage configuration. Their product line also includes stylish and colorful softside bags, garment bags, and duffels. Known for creative innovations, they offer excellent durability and value in the middle price range.</p><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Delsey</a> luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zappos</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy’s</a>.</p><h2>Briggs &amp; Riley</h2><img alt="Briggs and Riley Suitcases "src=""><p>Known for its <a href="" target="_blank">lifetime guarantee</a>, Briggs &amp; Riley has introduced several innovations that make packing easier and more efficient. Outside-mounted hardware provides more interior area and a flat packing surface — fewer wrinkles. Also, the brand’s exclusive CX expansion and compression technology gives you more packing space and then returns the bag to its original size. Founded in 1993, prices are a bit higher than mid-range, but the quality and warranty — which applies even in the case of airline wear-and-tear — offer great value.</p><p>Briggs &amp; Riley luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=briggs+and+riley&amp;typein=briggs+&amp;position=1" target="_blank">Nordstrom</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy's</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>.</p><h2>Victorinox</h2><img alt="Victorinox Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>The company that makes the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox, strives for the same versatility and functionality in its luggage. They offer a variety of styles in hardside and softside luggage at a price point higher than mid-range. Known for quality and durability, the company entered the travel gear market in 1999 and quickly became a popular and respected brand.</p><p>Victorinox luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=victorinox+swiss+army&amp;typein=victorin&amp;position=1" target="_blank">Nordstrom</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy's</a>. </p><h2>Tumi</h2><img alt="Tumi Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>This distinctive luxury brand’s focus is fivefold: quality, durability, style, innovation, and customer service. Above mid-range prices include complimentary monogramming, onsite repairs, lost luggage tracking, and options such as the “add-a-bag” system, which makes it convenient to carry extra items. Tumi’s fashionable luggage and accessories are available in hardside, fine leather, and abrasion-proof ballistic nylon.</p><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Tumi</a> luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=tumi" target="_blank">Nordstrom</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zappos</a>.</p><h2>Hartmann</h2><img alt="Hartmann Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>The company’s new tagline, “Since 1877,” is a reminder of its history, dating back to the days of brass-trimmed steamship trunks and glamorous railroad travel. Today, Hartmann remains committed to style and quality, along with the latest technology in its <a href="" target="_blank">Glider line of rolling bags</a>. The Hartmann look is classic and luxe. After all, James Bond carried the Skymate suitcase in 1954’s “Live and Let Die.” Who could be classier than 007?</p><p>Hartmann luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Macy’s</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>.</p><h2>Bric’s</h2><img alt="Bric's Luggage and Suitcases "src=""><p>High-quality materials, reliability, and fashion-forward Italian design make Bric’s a popular brand with frequent fliers. Its luxurious product line uses full-grain leather trim, ultra-light polycarbonate on the hardside pieces, and durable nylon on softside luggage. Prices reflect the expensive materials and design of the products. The high-end <a href="" target="_blank">Bellagio collection</a> includes decorative and protective leather trim for a classic look.</p><p>Bric’s luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=bric%27s" target="_blank">Nordstrom</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">eBags</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Neiman Marcus</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>.</p><h2>Rimowa</h2><img alt="Rimowa Suitcases and Luggage "src=""><p>Founded in 1898, Rimowa is recognized for innovation in materials, having created the first aluminum trunk on the market in 1937. The company was also a leader in its use of lightweight and durable polycarbonate materials. Recognizable by its distinctive parallel grooves, premium-class Rimowa luggage is stylish and practical. “Handmade meets high-tech” is the brand’s motto and mission.</p><p>Rimowa luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Neiman Marcus</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bloomingdale’s</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";keyword=rimowa" target="_blank">Nordstrom</a>.</p><h2>Globe-Trotter</h2><img alt="Globe Trotter Luggage "src=""><p>A list of best luggage brands must include this luxury lifestyle brand. After all, Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill were past owners of Globe-Trotter luggage, and what endorsement could top that? The company was founded more than 100 years ago in Germany and moved to the U.K. where it is still located. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the brand’s impeccable design creates a vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. Classic styling and luxurious materials exude wealth and status, with prices to match. If, as they say, money is no object, then Globe-Trotter just might top the list of best luggage brands.</p><p>Globe-Trotter luggage is retailed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Matches Fashion</a> and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Net-a-Porter</a>.</p><p><em><strong>Love a great deal? <a data-auth="NotApplicable" href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">S</a><a data-auth="NotApplicable" href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">i</a><a data-auth="NotApplicable" href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">gn up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </strong></em></p>
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These Marriott Credit Cards Will Give You Free Nights Just for Signing Up

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 07:30
<p>Marriott has just announced new sign-up bonuses for the <a href="">Bonvoy Boundless</a> and <a href="">Bonvoy Bold</a> credit cards from Chase. These two high-earning cards are aimed at fans of Marriott’s many brands, and both come with excellent perks: Until March, you can get a 100,000-point sign-up bonus for the Bonvoy Boundless card or a 50,000-point sign-up bonus for the Bonvoy Bold card.</p><p>Either of those massive bonuses can score you at least one free night at <i>any</i> Marriott property — and likely more than one free night, depending on when and where you travel.</p><p>"The huge bonus is similar to what we saw a few years ago with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which attracted serious consumer attention,” said Sara Rathner, credit cards and travel expert at <a href="">NerdWallet</a>.</p><img alt="JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa "src=""><p>Bonvoy is one of the world’s largest loyalty programs, and points can be used at more than 7,000 hotels and resorts around the world. Options include the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort &amp; Spa in Vietnam; The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort in French Polynesia; and Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, in Cuzco, Peru. All of these are among <a href="">the best hotels in the world</a>, according to the readers of <em>Travel + Leisure</em>. Of course there are thousands of other hotels in the Marriott portfolio to choose from.</p><p>Redeeming your points is relatively simple, using Marriott’s online booking portal, and the cost of a room varies based on a predetermined category (on a scale of one to eight) and seasonality. A low-season room in a category one hotel can be had for just 5,000 points; locking in a peak-season suite at a category eight property will run at least 100,000 points.</p><p>Beyond the sign-up bonus, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card is a strong overall option, if you’re a brand loyalist. “[It’s] a great option for those who are frequent travelers [and] prefer staying with Marriott branded hotels,” according to a lengthy review of the card from <a href=""></a>. While it does come with a $95 annual fee, the card earns six points per dollar spent at Marriott properties and two points per dollar elsewhere. (In order to get the full 100,000-point bonus, cardholders need to spend $5,000 in the first three months after opening an account.)</p><img alt="St Regis Bora Bora resort in French Polynesia "src=""><p>"The new signup offers for the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless and Bold cards have a higher spending requirement to earn the sign-up bonus, but they have a heftier payoff for those consumers who are loyal to the Bonvoy hotel brand,” Rathner said.</p><p>As for the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card, “it’s worth getting for the up front bonus,” says <a href="">points-and-miles expert Gary Leff</a>, “since there’s no annual fee.” While the sign-up bonus is a smaller 50,000 points, you don’t have that $95-a-year charge. It earns three points — rather than six — on every dollar you spend at Marriott, plus two points per dollar on other purchases. (With this card, consumers have to spend $3,000 in the first three months to get the bonus.)</p><p>Both cards have an additional feature that’s a benefit to frequent Marriott guests: With either, cardholders “receive 15 Elite Night Credits each calendar year towards the next level of Marriott Bonvoy Elite status,” Marriott says. That’s more than enough to automatically earn Silver status, which gets you “priority late checkout,” a dedicated reservations line, and a 10-percent bonus on all points earned.</p>
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Help Australia's Wildfire Victims With Your Next Workout by Joining This Virtual Race (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 06:40
<p>By now, the world is well aware of the <a href="">devastating fires</a> raging across Australia. Thousands of homes have been lost, over one billion animals have died, and an <a href="">untold number</a> of humans have perished. To put it simply, Australia needs our help. Luckily, that’s as easy as lacing up your running shoes.</p><p>In an effort to make assisting and donating easier than ever, Melbourne-based ultramarathon runner, Samantha Gash, and Nic Davidson have created a <a href="">virtual Relief Run</a> that anyone in the world can partake in.</p><img alt="Smoke fills the sky from the back burning in the Nowra region of New South Wales on January 15, 2020. "src=""><img alt="Sedated Koalas sleep in baskets after being treated at a makeshift field hospital at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park on Kangaroo Island on January 14, 2020. "src=""><p>From January 18 to January 19, runners, walkers, or anyone wanting to give can sign up for the global relief run and donate to an excellent cause. One hundred percent of the $50 AUD fee will go directly toward the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.</p><img alt="A bushfire burning on the South Coast of NSW "src=""><p>To take part in the race, participants can run or walk anywhere in the world at any time over the weekend. Participants can also choose between a 21.1-kilometer (half marathon) or five-kilometer option. As the duo says on the race page, “We welcome runners of all abilities to join us for this important cause.”</p><p>As of January 15, more than 9,400 people had signed up to run the race, raising more than $560,000 in the process.</p><p>The cause, the duo further explained, is the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund, which has already deployed 1,285 trained staff and volunteers to disaster-affected communities in Australia.</p><p>“In more than 69 evacuation and recovery centers, the Red Cross emergency teams have been ready to welcome people who have fled from the fires,” the event page explained. “Ready to listen, ready to comfort. Ready to help arrange emergency accommodation or locate a missing loved one through their Register.Find.Reunite service.”</p><img alt="Taronga Zoo's Vet nurse Fle Evans releases a Red-Necked Wallaby joey from its pouch during a tour of the Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Hospital at Taronga Zoo on January 14, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. "src=""><p>This service will continue to serve people until it's no longer needed. <a href="">Sign up to run here</a>.</p>
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This Shirtdress Is the Versatile Cover-up You Need for Your Next Beach Vacation

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 06:02
<p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Summersalt</a> is best known for its stylish and flattering <a href="">swimsuits</a>, but the brand also has just about everything you could need for an upcoming vacation, from <a href="">travelwear for the plane</a> to <a href="">comfy pajamas</a> for cozying up in your hotel room. If you love Summersalt's swimwear, adding the brand's new cover-up to your vacation wardrobe is a no-brainer.</p><p>As part of a collaboration with travel and lifestyle blogger <a href="">Jacey Duprie</a>, Summersalt just released the new vacation-ready <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Modern Marinière collection</a> that includes nautically-inspired swimwear and a <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">versatile shirtdress cover-up</a> that will be sure to elevate your poolside style.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong>More <a href="">swimwear</a></p><img alt="White Long Cover-up Dress with Short and Long Sleeves "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $95</p><p>What we love about the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Effortless Shirtdress Cover-up</a> is its versatility. You can wear the sleeves long or roll them up and secure with buttons for a short sleeved look, so you can easily adjust the dress based on the weather and how much coverage you want. You can wear the dress open to show off your favorite swimsuit or buttoned up. There's also a belt that you can tie in the front or back for added shape.</p><p>Like the rest of Summersalt's swimwear and clothing, inclusive sizing is key. This dress runs from sizes XS to 2X, and a detailed size chart on the brand's website will help you find your perfect fit.</p><p>The rest of the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Modern Marninière</a> collection is available on Summersalt's site. And since nothing is over $95, you'll want to add all the pieces to your closet immediately.</p><p><em>Love a great deal? <a href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567">Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </em></p>
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Britney Spears Is Secretly a Painter — and She's Getting Her Own Art Show in France

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 17:55
<p><a href="">Britney Spears</a> isn’t just a singer — she’s an actress, a TV presenter, a dancer, and now, an <em>artiste</em>.</p><p>In case you haven’t heard, the one-woman musical powerhouse is getting her very own <a href="">art show</a> in the south of <a href="">France</a>, according to <em><a href="">Artsy</a></em>.</p><p>Galerie Sympa, an art gallery in Figeac, France, announced on Instagram that it will host Spears’ very first showing of personal paintings, <em>Artsy</em> reported. The exhibition will be titled <em>Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!!</em> in honor of Spears’ Instagram post from 2017 in which she lets us in on her artistic process.</p><p>Spears’ artwork will be displayed at the gallery starting Jan. 18 and run “till the world ends,” according to the <a href="">Galerie Sympa website</a>. According to the <em><a href="">BBC</a></em>, the opening will mark the 21st anniversary of Spears’ debut album, <em>Baby One More Time.</em></p><p>It’s unclear how many works will be displayed, but the exhibition is likely to include Spears’ small painting of blue, purple, and pink flowers, which was sold at a charity auction in 2017 for $10,000 to benefit the victims of the Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting, according to the <em>BBC</em>. It’s not the most conventional piece of modern or classic art, but Spears’ cheerful mix of colorful, doodle-style flowers and curvy lines are sure to make a splash in the art world.</p><p>Spears was performing at the residency in Las Vegas until early 2019, when she announced she would be taking an “indefinite” break from her music career to help her father recover from health problems, according to <em><a href="">People</a></em>.</p><p>More information on the gallery can be found on the <a href="">Galerie Sympa website</a>. Galerie Sympa co-director Jean Colombain would not divulge any other details to <em>Artsy </em>regarding the new exhibition.</p>
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Man Survives Over 20 Days in the Alaskan Wilderness With Peanut Butter and Partially Charred Canned Goods (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 17:18
<p>Tyson Steele immediately knew something was wrong. The 30-year-old had been living in the <a href="">Alaskan wilderness</a> for some time and had become rather adept at building fires in his fireplace. However, the second he threw a piece of cardboard on the flames, he knew he made a mistake — a mistake that would cost him his home and nearly his life.</p><p>“I knew it was a problem, I've had wood stoves all my life. I knew that you don't do that,” he told <em><a href="">NBC News</a></em>. “So, it sent a spark out through the chimney, which landed on the roof."</p><p>Quickly, Steele’s cabin, located some 20 miles outside the small town of Skwentna, was up in flames. He grabbed what he could, including a <a href="">few blankets, a sleeping bag</a>, and cans of food, and ran out the door. By the time he looked back, the entire place was engulfed.</p><img alt="Alaska man, Tyson Steele, is rescued by Alaska State Troopers "src=""><p>Steele hoped his beloved dog, Phil, had followed him out, but he soon realized the pup was nowhere in sight.</p><p>“I have no words for what sorrow; it was just, just a scream. Just a visceral — not angry, not sad — just … all I could express, just scream,” Steele added. “[I] felt like I tore my lung out."</p><p>However, Steele quickly realized he needed to turn away from his grief and figure out a way to survive.</p><p>As the flames started to dissipate around his home, Steele told reporters he gathered as many supplies as he could, including canned goods and jars of peanut butter that hadn’t burned.</p><p>He then covered sections of what was left of his home with tarps to make a makeshift survival hut.</p><p>"It is by no means a cozy cabin that I was able to put together," he told <a href="">reporters</a>. "It just took the edge off."</p><p>From there, he hunkered down and waited. Finally, a full three weeks into his misadventure, a rescue helicopter flew overhead and spotted his SOS sign.</p><p>As for what’s next, Steele told his rescuers that he’ll likely head to Utah to spend time with his family and their family dog. He added, “That would be some therapy."</p>
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JetBlue's Big Winter Sale Includes Fares As Low As $44 (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 16:11
<p>2020 just began, but that doesn’t mean you can’t book yourself a vacation.</p><p><a href="">JetBlue</a> is having its Big Winter Sale on Tuesday and Wednesday, which offers travelers one-way flights as low as $44 to a variety of amazing destinations. If you’re already struggling to get back to work after a long holiday break, taking a quick trip might be just what you need to <a href="">feel refreshed</a>.</p><p>Naturally, some of the biggest <a href="">deals</a> are for shorter flights, including one-way fares from Newark to Fort Lauderdale for $44, New York to Worcester or Boston for $54, Atlanta to Orlando for $54, New York to Charleston for $59, Long Beach to San Francisco for $54, or Newark to Boston for $64.</p><p>For those seeking a <a href="">major getaway</a>, some deals include slightly longer flights to popular destinations. For example, you can find fares for less than $100, including New York to Chicago starting at $94, New York to Turks and Caicos for $99, New York to Denver for $84, and Atlanta to New York for $79. Some of the best deals under $150 include fares from Seattle to Boston for $119, San Francisco to New York for $124, New York to Austin for $139, Boston to Las Vegas for $129, and Los Angeles to New York for $149.</p><img alt="JetBlue Airways plane "src=""><p>In order to get in on the deal, you must book between now and Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 11:59 p.m. ET or local time. Travel dates must be between January 21 and March 31. The only blackout dates are Feb. 18 and Feb. 19. Most travel dates are for Tuesdays or Wednesdays, which can put a damper on your weekend getaway. Fares advertised are for JetBlue’s basic economy class.</p><p>For more information or to book your trip, visit the <a href="">JetBlue website</a>.</p>
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Now You Can Buy Sustainable Versions of Tumi’s Best-selling Suitcases

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 16:07
<p>It's no surprise why <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Tumi</a> is a long-time favorite of frequent travelers — the brand makes <a href="">durable, high-quality luggage</a> that ensures you'll travel in style. Now, fans have even more reason to love the brand, since it's using <a href="">recycled materials</a> to make several of its most popular bags.</p><p>Select suitcases and bags in the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Merge</a> and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Alpha Bravo</a> collections will now be made from sustainable materials, including recycled bottles and post-industrial recycled nylon, that reduce impact on the environment yet still meet Tumi's quality and durability standards.</p><p>Keep reading to see our picks from the collection.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong>More <a href="">travel bags</a></p><h2>Continental Front Lid 4 Wheeled Carry-on</h2><h2>%image2</h2><p>This front lid suitcase offers plenty of room for a 22-inch carry-on suitcase. It also features several interior zippered pockets, which make organization a breeze.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $650</p><h2>Short Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case</h2><img alt="Black Softside Suitcase "src=""><p>This spacious 26-inch suitcase features zippered expansion, two front exterior pockets, and four dual spinner wheels for easy maneuvering.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $795</p><h2>Tall 4 Wheeled Duffel Packing Case</h2><img alt="Tall Black Softside Suitcase "src=""><p>For longer trips, this wheeled duffel is both stylish and convenient. It features two handy exterior pockets, including one that is perfect for storing an extra pair of shoes. Four dual spinner wheels are an added bonus that make it far easy to maneuver than most duffels.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $895</p><h2>Lark Backpack</h2><img alt="Black and Grey Laptop Backpack with Leather "src=""><p>Tumi is known for its stylish yet functional laptop backpacks, and the Lark style is no exception. It features compartments for a laptop, tablet, phone, and water bottle.</p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $495</p><p><em>Love a great deal? <a href=";fm=340&amp;regsource=25567">Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter</a> and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week. </em></p>
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Cruises Canceled as Fiji Prepares for a Tropical Cyclone (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 01/15/2020 - 15:56
<p>As Fiji prepares for a cyclone that could hit this week, cruise lines have canceled their itineraries around the country.</p><p>If the storm develops into a tropical cyclone later this week, which is expected Wednesday or Thursday, it will be called Tino, <a href="">according to Accuweather</a>. The storm could hit Fiji on Thursday and batter the country with heavy rain and winds over 60 miles per hour. If the storm rapidly strengthens as it approaches Fiji, conditions could be much worse.</p><img alt="Fiji "src=""><p>The storm is likely to create flooding and mudslides. By Saturday, the storm will likely move out of Fiji and towards Tonga, <a href="">according to <em>Weather Watch New Zealand</em>.</a> Travel is likely to be disrupted throughout the region as it could bring dangerous conditions to New Zealand by the beginning of next week.</p><p>Captain Cook Cruises Fiji announced that its four-night cruise aboard the Reef Endeavor will not take off on January 14 because of the storm’s potential, <a href="">according to <em>Cruise Critic</em></a>. Day cruise operators like South Sea Cruises and Awesome Adventures have advised travelers to expect disruptions to service later in the week as the storm potentially develops into a cyclone.</p><p>Blue Lagoon Cruises is monitoring the storm and will update passengers after they receive an official update from authorities.</p><p>Passengers who expected to set sail this week can make alternate arrangements with their cruise lines.</p><p>This could be the second tropical cyclone to hit Fiji in just the past few weeks. On December 28, 2019, the <a href="">Category 2 Tropical Storm Sarai </a>passed just 60 miles south of Fiji. It damaged land and caused thousands of people to seek emergency shelter.</p>
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