'A Year in Provence' Author's Final Book Is Your Passport to the South of France

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 06/28/2018 - 10:00
<p>If you've ever dreamed of escaping to the <a href="" target="_blank">South of France</a>, you'll find a kindred spirit in British author Peter Mayle — whose move to Ménerbes decades ago inspired his 1989 memoir, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">“A Year in Provence.”</a> </p><p>That book quickly became a bestseller, cementing the region’s place in the public imagination and kicking off Mayle’s fruitful new career as a chronicler of the personalities and particularities of southern France. His later works include two more Provençal memoirs — <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">“Toujours Provence”</a> and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">“Encore Provence”</a> — and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">“A Good Year,”</a> a novel which was adapted into a 2006 film of the same name starring Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard.</p><p>Mayle passed away in January, but not before completing one last book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">“My Twenty-Five Years in Provence,”</a> out now from Knopf. His final work is a warm, nostalgia-soaked look at the place he loved so dearly, packed with fond recollections of the pleasures of life in the region, from <em>pastis</em> to <em>Pétanque</em>.</p><p>One entire chapter is dedicated to Mayle’s favorite meals: <a href="" target="_blank">springtime asparagus</a> at <a href="" target="_blank">La Closerie</a> in Ansouis; <a href="" target="_blank">bouillabaisse</a> at <a href="" target="_blank">Peron</a>, in Marseilles; bresaola and <em>fiadone</em>, a Corsican cheesecake, at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Le Comptoir</a>, in Lourmarin.</p><p>It’s an ideal summertime read — one so lively and vivid it’s enough to make you second guess your own warm-weather vacation. Pick this up, and you'll be tempted to spend the whole of <a href="" target="_blank">July</a> sipping rosé on the terrace of some neighborhood bistro on the outskirts of <a href="" target="_blank">Aix</a>.</p><p>But as Mayle will tell you, that’d be foolish — any Provençal native knows the region is at its best in September.</p><img alt="cover of My Twenty-Five Years in Provence by Peter Mayle "src=""><p><strong>“My Twenty-Five Years in Provence: Reflections on Then and Now” by Peter Mayle</strong></p><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $22.50</p><p><em>Our series Reasons to Travel Now highlights the news, events, and openings that have us scoping out plane tickets each day.</em></p>
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You Need 20,000 Followers to Even Look at This Instagrammable Mural in L.A.

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 06/28/2018 - 09:00
<p>If you’ve been looking for yet another reminder that <a href="" target="_blank">Insta-fame</a> (<i>noun</i>, the condition of being known by many people on the popular social media platform Instagram) is an actual thing, then just head to <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Los Angeles</a> for a trendy wall mural that’s open only to social media “influencers” with either verified Twitter accounts or 20,000+ Instagram followers.</p><p>Welcome to 2018; this is our world now.</p><p>The social media elite (eye roll) can visit the art wall located at 7753 Melrose Ave., flash their Instagram or Twitter accounts to the security guard on site (yes, actually), weave their way into an uber-private tent (like Coachella VIP), and pose in front of a pair of painted angel wings that are so vibrant and Insta-worthy, you’ll want to hashtag and post it to your thriving social media platforms ASAP. #Content.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">How to Use Instagram Travel Hashtags to Get More Followers</a></p><p>If you’re asking why this “private mural” exists, well, we don’t really know yet. Let’s review the evidence: a sign posted outside the tent says "FOR VERIFIED INFLUENCERS AND PEOPLE WITH 20,000 FOLLOWERS ONLY." Below that there’s a invite to connect with the makers of this exclusive opportunity that reads, “INFLUENCERS: PLEASE TAG US ON SOCIAL MEDIA!” with their associated Instagram and Twitter accounts on display.</p><p>Never mind if the accounts are suspiciously named @LikeAndSubscribe (Instagram) and @LikeAndSub (Twitter), never mind if neither one of their profiles actually has the blue checkmark or (as of Wednesday afternoon) 20,000 followers — the makers want you to tag them and prepare for whatever is “coming July 9th 2018.”</p><p>Scammy? Perhaps. A marketing stunt? Most definitely perhaps. But guess we’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out for sure. In the meantime though, you can pose for a pic in front of <a href="" target="_blank">Colette Miller</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Kelsey Montague</a>’s angel wings murals located around the globe — regardless of your follower count.</p>
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Icelandair Has Super Cheap Flights to Europe From Across the U.S. Right Now

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 06/28/2018 - 08:31
<p>It may only be June, but Icelandair wants you to plan out your winter travel now. And to sweeten the idea of dropping temperatures, the airline is also seriously dropping its prices on round-trip tickets to several destinations across Europe for November and December travel.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">Scott’s Cheap Flights</a>, the routes may even include layovers of 24 hours or more in <a href="" target="_blank">Iceland</a>, meaning you can turn your trip into a multinational journey, first checking out Iceland and then continuing to your final destination.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">The Single Best Way to Save Money on Airfare</a></p><p>One caveat, Scott’s Cheap Flights noted, is that these are Economy Light fares. That means passengers will still get to bring one carry-on with them that is no heavier than 22 pounds and no larger than 45 inches, plus one personal item. However, checked baggage will set you back a whopping $95 in each direction, so if you can’t pack light it’s key to think about the additional charge.</p><p>But at around $300 a pop these tickets are a major steal, especially when you consider the same tickets typically hover somewhere in the $850 range.</p><p>From Boston, passengers can fly to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for just $355 round-trip. Or, they could head to Dublin for $341, Helsinki for $336, London for $380, <a href="" target="_blank">Paris</a> for $374, or Stockholm for $381.</p><p>Those flying from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport will find even better deals with flights to and from Amsterdam for $315, Copenhagen for $369, Dublin for $310, Helsinki for $318, Paris for $328, Stockholm for $358, and Zurich for $357.</p><p>Additional hubs include Philadelphia, where passengers will get similar flight deals including a flight to Manchester for $347, along with San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.</p><p>Though if you want in on these flight deals for travel between November and December you better act fast as they aren’t expected to last more than a few days. <a href="" target="_blank">Check out the airline’s site now</a> and good luck hunting down the lowest fare.</p>
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You Can Still Book a July 4th Flight This Week for As Cheap As $121 Round-trip

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:42
<p><a href="" target="_blank">July 4th</a> is right around the corner, and while you might think it’s too late to take a last minute getaway, you can still book a getaway at a reasonable price.</p><p>Skyscanner found deals for trips from Monday, July 2 through Friday, July 6 for as little as $121 round-trip, and destinations including Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami, and Charleston are available for under $350.</p><p>Deals out of New York City include flights to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-4&amp;qp_prevPrice=222#results" target="_blank">Fort Lauderdale</a> starting at $268 round-trip, or to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-4&amp;qp_prevPrice=196#results" target="_blank">Chicago</a> starting at $239 round-trip. Book a trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-4&amp;qp_prevPrice=240#results" target="_blank">Portland, Maine,</a> for $248 or to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-4&amp;qp_prevPrice=240#results" target="_blank">Savannah</a> for $239.</p><p>Travelers in Washington, D.C. can head to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=217#results" target="_blank">New Orleans</a> starting at $220, to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=193#results" target="_blank">Orlando</a> starting at $182, and to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=274#results" target="_blank">Las Vegas</a> starting at $303.</p><p>From Chicago, round-trip flights start at $306 to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=258#results" target="_blank">Seattle</a>, $296 to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=280#results" target="_blank">Miami</a>, $189 to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=167#results" target="_blank">Charleston</a>, and $277 to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-5&amp;qp_prevPrice=239#results" target="_blank">Philadelphia</a>.</p><p>Those on the West Coast can book flights from Los Angeles to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=209#results" target="_blank">Provo</a>, Utah, for $241 round-trip, or to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=244#results" target="_blank">Dallas</a> for $312.</p><p>There are also deals from Houston starting at $237 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=207#results" target="_blank">Tampa</a> and $292 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=241#results" target="_blank">Denver</a>.</p><p>And flights out of Orlando start at $121 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=153#results" target="_blank">Atlantic City</a>, at $237 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=164#results" target="_blank">New York City</a>, at $212 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=180#results" target="_blank">Providence</a>, and at $252 round-trip to <a href=";childrenv2=&amp;cabinclass=economy&amp;rtn=1&amp;preferdirects=false&amp;outboundaltsenabled=false&amp;inboundaltsenabled=false&amp;qp_prevProvider=ins_browse&amp;qp_prevCurrency=USD&amp;priceSourceId=b3ms-UK1-1&amp;qp_prevPrice=235#results" target="_blank">Boston</a>.</p><p>It's also not too late to plan a road trip for July 4th, but you'll want to plan to leave early: <a href="" target="_blank">39.7 million people</a> will be hitting the road for the holiday.</p>
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The Queen Quietly Gushing Over David Beckham Is the Video You Need to See Today (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 06/28/2018 - 07:26
<p>Queen Elizabeth has met more than her fair share of celebrities during her tenure as the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, and surely she’s enjoyed spending time with them all. But, on Tuesday, her majesty beamed with joy as she shook hands with who appeared to be her favorite person ever — David Beckham.</p><p>Yes, forget other kings, queens, <a href="" target="_blank">presidents</a>, and <a href="">world leaders</a>. It seems the Queen is just like the rest of the world and turns into a giddy little kid at the first sight of the soccer superstar.</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank"><i>People</i></a>, Beckham joined the queen, along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for Tuesday’s celebration of the Queen’s Young Leaders event. There, the royal group celebrated young change-makers from across the Commonwealth.</p><p>“They are incredible people,” Beckham told <i>People</i> about the young honorees. “It’s a great thing to be part of — to be around young kids and young people that have got really bright futures and aspirations to become great leaders.”</p><p>As <i>People</i> also noted, this isn’t the first time the Queen and Beckham have spent time together. In fact, he was on hand during the same event in both 2015 and 2016 to personally hand out awards.</p><p>It appears Beckham and his entire family — wife Victoria and kids Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and Harper, 6 — are all rather friendly with the Windsor family. And the Queen, for one, has never looked less than thrilled to greet him.</p><img alt="Britain's Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with former England footballer David Beckham as in London on June 22, 2015 "src=""><img alt="Britain's Queen Elizabeth II greets England's former football player David Beckham (R) as he attends the Queen's Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace in London on June 23, 2016. "src=""><img alt="Queen Elizabeth II meets England soccer captain David Beckham on November 19th 2002 "src=""><p>In 2015, the kids all spent some quality time with Prince Harry while their dad participated in a <a href="" target="_blank">charity soccer match</a> for UNICEF. The Beckhams also attended the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 and last month’s nuptials between <a href="" target="_blank">Prince Harry and Meghan Markle</a>.</p><p>So really, it’s no surprise the Queen was delighted to see him. After all, he is kind of the king of soccer.</p>
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Why You’ll Want to Ride Disney’s New Incredicoaster (Even If You’ve Already Been on California Screamin’)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 16:42
<p>Disney California Adventure’s former Paradise Pier has officially been <a href="" target="_blank">transformed into an animation wonderland</a>. The now-open Pixar Pier boasts cheerful decor, character appearances and must-have eats, but the award-winning film studio’s biggest task was to reinvent California Screamin’, the only coaster at Disneyland Resort with an inversion loop, as an “Incredibles”-themed ride.</p><p>The new Incredicoaster’s mechanics remain unchanged from its predecessor — same loop, same drops, same ride vehicles — but by extending the “scream tubes” previously used to keep noise levels down in the surrounding city, Walt Disney Imagineering was able to tell a story about the extraordinary family, all at 55 miles per hour.</p><p>“Incredibles 2” put Jack-Jack’s “special skills” on display, and the youngest member of the Parr family’s fiery personality, disappearing act and often gooey disposition can be seen throughout the attraction, bringing a level of immersion to the fan favorite.</p><p>In the improved ride, guests arrive to see the Incredicoaster being “rededicated” to the Parr family in celebration of their heroism. Baby Jack-Jack, due to his size, cannot participate and remains under Aunt Edna’s care until he inevitably becomes lost, leaving the rest of the Incredibles to chase him for the duration of the journey.</p><p>Dialogue voiced by the original movie cast, a reimagined vehicle launch timed to Dash’s countdown and film composer Michael Giacchino’s score keep the search for Jack-Jack moving forward, but it’s the newly enclosed spaces that aid the adventure best.</p><p>Whether Elastigirl is stretching over 50 feet to retrieve her gooey baby, rings of purple light flash within Violet’s force field, or Dash tries to retrieve the tot while avoiding his laser eyes, the Incredibles’ powers and Jack-Jack’s unpredictable talents are on full display, a feat that would have been impossible without the ingenious move to repurpose former scream shields into fully covered scenes.</p><p>Previously half-open to the surrounding Paradise Pier, the modified enclosures allow for more action, like Mr. Incredible bursting inside to entice Jack-Jack with a “Cookie Num-Num” as a chocolatey smell wafts past riders plunging down a drop. (If you still smell cookies upon exiting, it’s no coincidence; a new stand sells <a href="" target="_blank">the freshly warmed irresistible delights</a>.) The bold red tubes, which glow at night and necessitate an evening ride, honor Jack-Jack’s many forms as well, engulfing passengers in a flame-filled effect that rivals only his final appearance, best left as a surprise.</p><p>That said, Incredicoaster is not perfect. An outdoor sequence where Jack-Jack flexes his multiplicity doesn’t play well amidst electrical equipment and roofing and it’s no easy task to enforce characters, action and plot on an outdoor coaster, let alone one whose footprint couldn’t be physically altered. Still, Disney California Adventure managed to make something out of nothing, quite literally; delightful mid-century moments with Edna Moda and Jack-Jack were built atop former patches of grass and fresh dialogue turned stretches of empty track into detailed storylines. The parks were able to repurpose structural elements to enhance the adventure and turn necessary safeguards into entertainment, and if that ain’t Disney magic, nothing is.</p>
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Paris Is Dedicating 5,000 Extra Police Officers to Protecting Tourists This Summer

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 11:22
<p>As in all cities, it’s important to remain alert as a tourist in <a href="" target="_blank">Paris</a>. The city has long been plagued with a pickpocketing problem — but this year Parisian police have a plan to help tourists.</p><p>The Paris police force announced that it will deploy an additional 5,000 policemen every day to protect tourists in seven highly visited areas around the city.</p><p>Visitors to the Louvre, the <a href="" target="_blank">Eiffel Tower</a>, the Champs-Elysées, the Latin Quarter, the Opera House, Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, and the Châtelet transportation hub will see an increase in police presence this summer.</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Why It's Illegal to Take Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night</a></p><p>Police will patrol these areas through Sept. 30, specifically to target “the main threats to tourists,” <a href="" target="_blank">according to <i>Le Figaro</i></a>. Bilingual police officers and French students of foreign languages will patrol the streets, offering help to tourists.</p><p>“Ninety percent of thefts that tourists suffer are from bag snatchers or street sellers, card sharks or people with fake petitions,” a senior Paris security official <a href="" target="_blank">told <i>Le Parisien</i></a>.</p><p>Since the tourist protection force was launched on June 11, officers have arrested 24 people for street scams like fake petitions or three-card tricks and 333 people for illegally selling on the street, including trinkets like mini Eiffel Towers.</p><p>Pickpockets are especially rampant in the Metro, where they carefully time scams to escape train cars as the doors close. Travelers planning a summer trip should read the U.S. Embassy’s <a href="" target="_blank">dedicated guide to avoiding pickpocketing scams in Paris</a> to learn common techniques scammers use.</p>
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The Best Times to See 2018's Strawberry Moon (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 11:17
<p>Hot on the heels of the summer solstice, June’s full Strawberry Moon — appearing at the beginning of the sunniest and warmest months of the year — is slightly unusual this month.</p><p>The exact moment of the full moon occurs either side of midnight in North America, being fully illuminated on June 27 on the west coast and on June 28 on the east coast.</p><h2>What is a Strawberry Moon?</h2><p>It looks like a strawberry, right? Nope. It won't be red or juicy, because the so-called Strawberry Moon got its meaning by appearing around the time in North America when wild strawberries begin to ripen. Like many of the names for full moons, this one dates back to Native Americans, in this case to the Algonquin, the first native peoples encountered by European settlers in the New World.</p><p>Other names for June's full moon include the Hot Moon for its association with the year's highest temperatures, and the Rose Moon for coinciding with blooming flowers.</p><h2>When is the Full Strawberry Moon?</h2><p>The full moon will be at its peak on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 9:53 p.m PT (on the west coast) and on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 12:53 a.m. ET (on the east coast). Unlike last month, when the full Flower Moon occurred during daylight hours for observers in North America, the full Strawberry Moon can easily be viewed at the exact moment is becomes 100% illuminated. However, that is not the best time to look at it.</p><h2>How to See the Strawberry Moon</h2><p>The best time to see the full moon is 8:05 p.m. ET on the east coast, and 7:51 p.m. PT on the west coast. Although you can look at the moon when it's high in the sky, you will have trouble if the skies are completely clear because of glare. When it's in its full phase, the moon is incredibly bright and almost impossible to look at for more than a few seconds.</p><p>Like every full moon, this one will be best observed not when it's high in the sky, but as it rises at dusk. The moon will rise at 8:05 p.m. in New York, with sunset at 8:31 p.m. In Los Angeles moonrise will occur at 7:51 p.m., and sunset at 8:08 p.m. So across North America, <strong>the full Strawberry Moon will appear before the sun goes down</strong>.</p><p>Look for the Strawberry Moon at dusk, and keep looking for 15 minutes to give the Earth time to rotate a little to reveal the full moon. The higher your observation point, and the fewer buildings and cloud are obstructing the horizon, the sooner you'll see it. Since the moon will rise just before sunset, it will be a good opportunity to take photographs.</p><p>As the moon pokes above the horizon, it will be a delicate orange color. It's a hypnotic sight indeed and the easiest time to look at it, but as it rises higher into the sky it will quickly change to yellow, and then to white as it becomes too bright to look at comfortably.</p><h2>When Is the Next Full Moon?</h2><p>The next full moon will be on July 27, 2018, and it's going to be a very special one indeed. It's called the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon, though in 2018 it will also be a Blood Moon or total lunar eclipse much like <a href="" target="_blank">the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse seen in the U.S. in January</a>. Not only will the moon turn a copper orange color, but it will do so for the longest time in the 21st century, spending an hour and 42 minutes in totality. However, none of that will be observable from North America because it occurs during daytime. Those on the night side of Earth in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia will all get a great view.</p><p>However, those in North America do not have long to wait because the next Blood Moon is on January 20, 2019.</p>
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How to Quickly and Effectively Learn a New Language Before Your Next Vacation

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 11:01
<p>The process of preparing for a trip abroad can be daunting. Between packing and planning, learning foreign words and phrases may get put on the back burner.</p><p>However, it’s an important part of preparation. Learning a few basic phrases and words in a foreign language is one of the most effective ways to be a responsible traveler — and make your trip more memorable. And it’s not necessary to gain complete fluency in order to be understood abroad.</p><p>There are only about 10 simple sentence structures you need to learn to communicate at a base level in a foreign language. Whatever language you are trying to learn, do an internet search for “<a href="" target="_blank">10 basic sentence patterns</a>.” These sentences will allow you to express who you are, what you want, what you have, and what is happening to other people or objects.</p><p>Linguists strongly suggest <a href="" target="_blank">learning more vocabulary than grammar</a> to communicate while on vacation abroad. Native speakers will be able to get the jist of what you mean even if you’re just throwing words at them in random order.</p><p>Although there are more than 170,000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary, on an average day, a native speaker will only use about 10 percent of those words. And of those 17,000-ish words, <a href="" target="_blank">only about 800 word families</a> (called <em>lemmas</em>) make up 75 percent of daily conversation.</p><p>Wiktionary has a list of the <a href="" target="_blank">2,000 most commonly used words in contemporary English fiction</a>. Fluent Forever has a list of <a href="" target="_blank">625 words to make yourself understood in any language</a>, organized by “theme” for easier memorization.</p><p>But for those on a time crunch, <a href="" target="_blank">17 Minute Languages offers a list of the 50 most important words</a> to know in more than 70 foreign languages.</p><p><em>In bocca al lupo, bon courage, buena suerte!</em></p>
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I Took One Flight in These $30 Legging-pants and Now I Refuse to Travel in Anything Else

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 10:31
<p><a href="">Uniqlo’s leggings/pants</a> will ruin you for all other travel pants. The first time I tried them on, I had two immediate reactions. First, the pure joy of pulling on a pant that not only fits and looks good but feels good. And second, rage for the countless years I’ve wasted flying in regular jeans. I get too cold in a skirt or dress and I love the packing space that wearing my heaviest pants saves in my suitcase.</p><p>According to the Uniqlo site and confirmed by me, these stretchy trousers convincingly “look like pants and feel like a legging.” I bought my first pair last year at the urging of a fellow T+L editor, and let me tell you, they are a dream. Not only are they softest work-appropriate pants I own, but I’m also thrilled to report that — unlike so many of my other black “denim” pants — the color hasn’t faded in the slightest after months of washing.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">The Best Travel Pants for Women Who Hate Flying in Jeans</a></p><p>The fabric is soft, breathable, and super stretchy, but not the kind of stretchy that bunches up around your knees after you’ve been sitting for a while. They’ve got a hi-rise fit that’s really comfortable to sit in without the back slipping down. And while the button and front “pockets” are purely aesthetic, the back two are real and, might I add, well-placed if you’re looking for a bit of a visual lift back there.</p><p>They come in tons of different styles: cropped, full-length, solids, and occasional prints, and you can alter the inseam length for free on select styles both online and in stores. They’re sized from XS to XXL — I’m usually a 10/12 in pants and wear a Large, if that's helpful — and there are also maternity styles.</p><p>Also, did I mention they’re only $30? Because these beauts are a mere $30. Uniqlo is even running a promo online right now: If you buy two pairs, you’ll get $10 off your order. Case: Made.</p><h2>Solid Leggings Pants</h2><img alt="uniqlo leggings pants review "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $30</p><h2>Solid Cropped Leggings Pants</h2><img alt="uniqlo leggings pants review "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $30</p><h2>Denim Leggings Pants</h2><img alt="uniqlo leggings pants review "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $30</p>
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Norwegian Air Is Having a Sale With $209 Round-trip Flights to the Caribbean and $279 Round-trip Flights to Europe (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 10:17
<p>You can now book your fall, winter, or spring getaway from a variety of U.S. cities to popular European and Caribbean destinations for under $210 round-trip thanks to <a href="" target="_blank">Norwegian Air's latest deals</a>. </p><p>The airline is currently offering deals to <a href="" target="_blank">Barcelona</a> — one of the world’s <a href="" target="_blank">most-searched destinations</a> and a top spot for <a href="" target="_blank">solo travelers</a> — including one-way flights starting at $174.90 from Miami. Return flights start at $204.90, giving you a round-trip total of $379.80 for trips booked between November and March.</p><p>Flights from Newark to Barcelona start at $194.90 one way, with return flights starting at $184.90 from November to March. One-way flights from Oakland to Barcelona start at $199.90, and return fares are available for $194.90 from October through March. </p><p>Finally, flights from Los Angeles to Barcelona start at $199.90 one-way, with return fares available for $234.90 from November through March.</p><p>You can also head to Madrid, where you can visit the <a href="" target="_blank">world’s oldest restaurant</a>, for $174.90 from Miami, with return flights starting at $214.90 November through March. Round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Madrid start at $425.80 during the same time period, while round-trip flights from New York City start at $379.80 from October through March.</p><p>Those in Rhode Island can fly to Shannon, Ireland for $113.90 one way, with return flights available from $164.20 in September and October.</p><p>For those looking to soak up the sun, round-trip flights from both New York City and Miami to Martinique start at $208.60. Round-trip flights from New York City and Miami to Guadeloupe are also available for $208.60 from November through March.</p><p>You’ll want to note that Norwegian Air is a budget airline and can charge extra for amenities that include seat assignments, in-flight meals, and baggage.</p>
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8 Reasons Savannah Should Be Your Next Southern Getaway

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 10:00
<p>With its Spanish moss-draped squares and stately antebellum architecture, <a href="" target="_blank">Savannah oozes Southern charm</a>. But thanks to the recent arrival of chic boutique hotels, edgy art galleries, and celeb chef restaurants, the river town is enjoying a newfound reputation as the South’s capital of cool.</p><img alt="Savannah, Georgia "src=""><p>Rooted in 300 years of history, <a href="" target="_blank">Georgia’s oldest city</a> has been slow to embrace change (hence its nickname, Slowvannah). There’s a fierce pride among residents who don’t want massive, multi-million-dollar projects to compete with the city’s small-town appeal. And archeologists have raised concerns about the effects of large-scale development on the city’s unearthed artifacts and historic sites, which landed on the <a href="" target="_blank">National Park Service’s “Threatened (Priority 1 List)”</a> in March.</p><p>In spite of the city’s longstanding battle between preservation and progress, the Southern town is soaring in popularity— just take our <a href="">World</a><a href="" target="_blank">’s Best list</a>, where readers have rated it one of America’s top 10 cities for more than six years straight. In response to the tourism boom, luxury hotel brands, such as Aloft and JW Marriott, are moving in, along with a slew of new restaurants (Husk, anyone?!), galleries, and stores.</p><p>Here is what’s to come in <a href="" target="_blank">Savannah</a>’s next act.</p><img alt="Husk Restaurant in Savannah "src=""><h2>Husk</h2><p>Shrimp and grits, collard greens, seafood stew… Lowcountry cuisine is part of Savannah’s soul (and stomach). And now, the city’s vibrant food scene is finally getting its moment in the spotlight, owing to a wave of new restaurant openings—the most buzz-worthy being an outpost of Sean Brock’s lauded <a href="" target="_blank">Husk</a>. The largest of the four locations, the glam eatery has a distinctly Georgian twist, with a raw bar and regionally inspired fare such as ham cracklin’ cornbread with Georgia cane butter.</p><h2>Perry Lane Hotel</h2><p>Savannah is in the midst of a massive hotel boom; the city will see the opening of not one, but eight design-forward boutique hotels in the next few months. All eyes are on the much-anticipated <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Perry Lane Hotel</a>, which debuted earlier this month. The dapper bolthole is a vision in understated elegance, with black-and-white marble floors, rich wood furnishings, roaring fireplaces, and vintage accessories. There are also plenty of slick amenities, including a rooftop pool with a bar and lawn games, a film screening room, a karaoke and arcade area, plus a <a href="">wine </a><a href="" target="_blank">market</a> that offers tastings and cooking classes.</p><h2>The Grove</h2><p>Blink and you might think you’re in Brooklyn. <a href="" target="_blank">The Grove</a>, a new three-story dining concept in the heart of the bustling City Market, is lending an air of sophistication to the touristy square. The buzzy bar is done up bright white walls and plush teal seating, but with a terrace overlooking the Savannah skyline, we won’t blame you for sitting outside. Your order: spiked sweet tea and the blackened shrimp, served on a bed of spiced turnip greens and gouda grits.</p><img alt="Laney Contemporary in Savannah "src=""><h2>Laney Contemporary Fine Art</h2><p>Home to the Savannah College of Design and SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah is an arts and culture powerhouse. Reinforcing its creative image is the city’s newest art gallery, <a href="" target="_blank">Laney Contemporary</a>, from gallerist and private art dealer Susan Laney. Located on the outskirts of town, the gallery is well worth the drive to see contemporary photography, paintings, and immersive video installations from the likes of Jack Leigh and Katherine Sandoz.</p><h2>Plant Riverside District</h2><p>Hotelier Richard Kessler’s $275 million <a href="">Plant</a><a href="" target="_blank"> Riverside </a><a href="" target="_blank">District</a> is at the forefront of the city’s renaissance. The sprawling 4.5-acre entertainment complex, which is housed in and around a restored 1912 industrial power plant, is the biggest private development in Savannah’s history. When it opens next spring, it will transform the iconic waterfront, creating 1.5 acres of parks, plazas, and public areas, as well as extending the riverwalk by a quarter-mile. At the heart of the project is a brand new JW Marriott, which will feature three rooftop bars, an art gallery, indie shops, live music venues, natural science exhibits, and more than a dozen restaurants, all spread across three towers.</p><img alt="Artllery Bar in Savannah, Georgia "src=""><h2>Artillery</h2><p>Savannah has always been a popular drinking destination, due to its loose open container laws. Spend a Saturday night along Bay Street, the lively main drag, and you’ll spot more than a few pub pedals and boozy bachelorette parties. Looking for a more slightly more sophisticated scene? Try <a href="" target="_blank">Artillery</a>, an intimate speakeasy housed in an 1896 Venetian Gothic building. Here, the standards are high, from the strict dress code (no flip-flops!) and noise limit (silence your cell phone) to the upscale interiors— all quartz countertops, bronze accents, and chartreuse banquettes. Cheeky tipples like Man The Guns—a mix of high west campfire whiskey, amaro lucano, absinthe, and 18.21 prohibition aromatic bitters—nod to the building’s past life as a storehouse for the Georgia Hussars.</p><h2>Cultural Arts Center</h2><p>Although Savannah has a thriving arts community, it has noticeably lacked its own dedicated performance space. The $24 million <a href="" target="_blank">Cultural Arts Center</a>, opening this fall, is set to change that. Spanning 39,000 square feet, the multi-purpose hall will have a 464-seat theater, five crafts studios and classrooms, a small-scale stage, and a gallery. Future events will include rotating art programs and a wide variety of shows, from broadway to ballet.</p><img alt="Savannah, Georgia Eastern Wharf Development "src=""><h2>Eastern Wharf</h2><p>Just east of downtown, this 57-acre <a href="" target="_blank">riverfront compound</a> is one of the city’s most talked-about developments. The $600 million mixed-use project will feature four residential apartment buildings, seven acres of public parks and squares, a 200-room hotel, plus ample retail and office space. It’s estimated to take eight years to finish, but the first phase (with the hotel, apartments, and offices) will be rolled out by 2020.</p><p><em>Our series <a href="" target="_blank">Reasons to Travel Now</a> highlights the news, events, and openings that have us scoping out plane tickets each day.</em></p>
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The Northern Lights Are Coming for the U.S. Tonight — Here's Where to See Them (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 09:36
<p>Summer 2018 is bringing a lot of celestial surprises. This week alone, people are not only going to get a view of the <a href="'" target="_blank">Strawberry moon</a>, but those lucky enough to live in the northern U.S. may even get a view of the Northern Lights.</p><p>According to the <a href="" target="_blank">Space Weather Prediction Center</a> (SWPC), a G1 geomagnetic storm is expected to arrive tonight, Tuesday, June 26 and last through the evening of June 27.</p><p>Geomagnetic storms are <a href="" target="_blank">measured on a scale of G1 to G5</a>. G1 is a relatively minor storm that only causes increased aurora borealis activity, while a G5 could cause rolling blackouts.</p><p>The storm that will hit this week will be minor, but is indeed expected to cause an uptick in activity with the Northern Lights. And that means people in states like Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin could catch a glimpse of the gorgeous lights. Of course, if you’re very lucky and happen to be in Alaska, seeing the Northern Lights this week is a near guarantee.</p><p>If you’re hoping to see the Northern Lights this week, or any other time this year when another geomagnetic storm hits, try to find the darkest place possible, such as one of the <a href="" target="_blank">several dark sky parks across the United States</a>. There, light pollution is restricted, meaning you’ll get a better view of the aurora borealis show. And, even if you don’t get to see the purple, green, and yellow magnetic light, you’ll at the very least get a really good look at the stars above. And really, that’s a pretty good consolation prize.</p>
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A July 4th Heat Wave Is Coming to the Northeast

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 08:40
<p>The Northeast is predicted to experience a heat wave that could last through July 4th.</p><p>Beginning this weekend, northeasterners should prepare for their first shock of multi-day summer weather. Hot and humid weather is expected to arrive on Friday, with highs forecast to be in the mid-90s.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Here's How Many People Are Planning to Hit the Road for 4th of July</a></p><p>A heat wave in the northern part of the country is defined as three or more days straight of temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.</p><p>This weather pattern “could bring the hottest early July weather for such a broad area of the Northeast since 2012,” <a href="" target="_blank">according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffey</a>.</p><p>Humidity is expected to increase in the middle of next week with spots of thunderstorms throughout the northeast. Storms will begin above the Great Lakes region early next week and then could move across the I-95 corridor (D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston) for July 4th.</p><p>The heat wave is an excellent excuse to plan a trip to the beach. Early next week, the coolest weather will be found along the Atlantic coast from Virginia to Maine. Relief could be found in the ocean with water temperatures near 60 along the southern coast of Maine and increasing to near-80 at the Virginia capes.</p><p>Residents in the northeast should exercise caution when outdoors and remember to drink plenty of water, particularly if celebrating July 4th with alcohol. Early mornings, evenings and nights are the best times to do any work outdoors, if necessary.</p>
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JetBlue's Founder Is Bringing a New Budget Airline to the U.S. — Here's Everything We Know So Far

Travel and Leisure - Wed, 06/27/2018 - 08:30
<p>The man who founded JetBlue wants to revolutionize U.S. airlines.</p><p>David Neeleman is raising funds to launch a new low-cost airline, called Moxy, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Airline Weekly</em> reports</a>. Moxy could launch as soon as 2020, as soon it takes delivery of its first aircraft.</p><p>Moxy has big plans for thinking small. The airline will use Bombardier CS5300 aircraft to shuttle passengers between smaller airports, like Providence, Rhode Island; Hollywood Burbank Airport in Los Angeles; and Chicago’s Gary International Airport.</p><p>But unlike other budget airlines currently on the market, Moxy would offer perks like ample legroom and free Wi-Fi, <a href="" target="_blank">according to <em>The Points Guy</em></a>.</p><p>Moxy has placed an order for 60 Bombardier CS5300 aircraft, <a href="" target="_blank">according to Bloomberg</a>. Capable of carrying 130 passengers, the lightweight carbon fiber plane was designed to service smaller airports. It offers “over 15% cash operating cost advantage, over 20% fuel burn advantage, exceptional operational flexibility, widebody comfort and an unmatched environmental and noise footprint,” <a href="" target="_blank">according to the manufacturer</a>.</p><p>By flying a fuel-efficient jet into smaller airports, Moxy would be able to cut costs (related to fuel consumption and wait times) and offer low airfare. Neeleman is also hoping to keep extra fees to a minimum, but could charge for snacks or seat assignments.</p><p>In addition to founding JetBlue in 2000, Neeleman has also been involved in launching Canada’s WestJet and TAP Air Portugal airlines.</p>
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