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How your mini 'clone' heart could be grown in a jar

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:33
Is the fusion of biology and technology speeding us towards a synthetic future?
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'Malaria killed my daughter, I'm protecting others now'

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:13
Senegal is on track to be declared malaria-free by 2030.
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Survey finds an 'over-reliance' on medication to treat ADHD

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:13
Many families of children with ADHD are offered no training to help them manage their child's condition.
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Rhys's top tips for living with ADHD

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:10
Rhys Sinclair was diagnosed with ADHD when he was seven years old.
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Alfie Evans case: Court rules against parents again

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 16:46
Alfie Evans' parents had asked the Court of Appeal to allow him to go abroad for treatment.
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European women twice as likely to be blonde as men, study says

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 16:03
Women from European descent are twice as likely to be naturally blonde as men, a new study suggests.
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Doctor due to qualify as GP 'saved from deportation'

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:21
Dr Luke Ong is five months from qualifying as a GP but missed an immigration deadline by 18 days.
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'Live donors' urged to give organs to cut waiting times

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:22
An organ transplant is described as being "like having your appendix out" by a woman who donated to her father.
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Australia flesh-eating ulcer 'epidemic' a mystery, doctors say

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 05:43
Doctors say they are perplexed by a "worsening epidemic" in the state of Victoria.
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Ketamine has 'fast-acting benefits' for depression

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 04:16
A study treating depressed patients with the drug via a nasal spray saw "significant improvements".
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Breastfeeding: Abergavenny mums share nursing images online

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 01:34
The images are intended to start conversations about the difficulties nursing mothers can face.
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Painkillers in pregnancy may affect babies' future fertility

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 01:23
Edinburgh University found the drugs may also affect the fertility of future generations, by leaving marks on DNA.
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A solution to one of America’s biggest problems

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 00:31
Who will care for the soaring number of elderly Americans? One place has found a creative answer.
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Genes behind deadly heart condition found, scientists say

Sun, 04/15/2018 - 02:45
Genes are found that cause a heart disease that kills 50% of victims within five years.
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Good bacteria: Why I put my poo in the post

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 00:53
How analysing faeces could unlock the secrets of good health.
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'I lost seven stone to save my liver'

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 18:08
Frances Carroll needed sticks to walk any distance when she was a size 22. Now she's a fitness instructor.
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Woman hopeful for better life after leg amputation

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 05:20
Jess Laughton has faced a long battle to have her left leg removed - something she wanted because of her chronic pain.
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice wins five Bafta Games Awards

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 02:45
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice won the most at the Bafta Games Awards, but lost out on the top prize.
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Going through the menopause at 11 years old

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 00:26
Amanda was 11 years old when she started experiencing symptoms of early menopause.
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Just one alcoholic drink a day could shorten your life, study says

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 00:00
Having between five and 10 alcoholic drinks a week can take up to six months off your life, a study says.
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