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Derby junior doctors win Court of Appeal break-time test case

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 19:18
Derby Hospitals' method of calculating breaks was "irrational" and a breach of contract.
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England failing to tackle alcohol 'epidemic', say researchers

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:58
People with alcohol problems in England are less than half as likely to receive the right help as those in Scotland and Wales, research suggests.
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Breast cancer screening review announced as demand grows

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:03
The Scottish government says the review will address how the programme meets growing demand.
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How this alcohol care team is saving lives in Liverpool

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 12:16
How the lives of patients like Patricia are being saved by the alcohol care team at Royal Liverpool Hospital.
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Twinlakes water park visitors' illness outbreak probed

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 09:05
Dozens of children and some adults started "projectile vomiting" after visiting Twinlakes.
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Ear 'tickling' therapy could 'help thwart ageing'

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 07:43
A small electric current stimulates the vagus nerve and helps rebalance the body, scientists say.
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'My kids would wake up 40 times a night'

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 03:19
A new scheme has helped boost children's sleep by more than two hours a night, the NHS says.
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The clinic helping children get more sleep

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 02:03
A "pioneering" scheme in Sheffield has helped boost children's sleep by 2.4 hours a night, NHS England says.
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Diabetic women more likely to have stillborn baby, study finds

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 00:39
A study finds high blood sugar levels and BMI in pregnant diabetics are "key risk factors" for stillbirths.
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Genetic testing: What secrets could it reveal about you?

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 00:01
Genome sequencing projects around the world are revealing promising new health insights.
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