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Australia's 'Most Unusual Natural Wonder' Is a Horizontal Waterfall You Can Ride Through

5 hours 17 min ago
<p>If you’re looking for a unique <a href="" target="_blank">natural attraction</a>, head to Talbot Bay in <a href="" target="_blank">Australia</a>. This gorgeous bay of bright turquoise water is where you’ll find the <a href="" target="_blank">Horizontal Falls</a>.</p><p>One of the <a href="" target="_blank">world’s greatest natural wonders</a>, the ocean phenomenon creates horizontal currents that look like waterfalls turned sideways. Sir David Attenborough described it as “<a href="" target="_blank">Australia’s most unusual natural wonder</a>.”</p><img alt="Horizontal Falls are described as 'One of the greatest wonders of the natural world'. "src=""><p>The Horizontal Falls form when the very high tide shifts through a gap in the ridges of the McLarty Range. The massive tidal movement builds up on one side of the narrow cliff passage, pushing through at rapid speeds to create the appearance of a waterfall, according to the <a href="" target="_blank">Derby Visitor Centre</a>.</p><img alt="Tide-race or horizontal waterfall, vertical view into the throat of the most powerful tide-race in the world. It is a drowned river gorge. Twice a day a tidal variation of up to 10 m empties and fills two land-locked valleys with water from Talbot Bay. "src=""><p>In additional to being horizontal, the falls are also “reversible,” according to <a href="" target="_blank">Western Australia's Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions</a>. Each day, when the tide turns, the falls flow in the opposite direction.</p><img alt="Tourists can take a tour through the Horizontal Falls on a multi-engined rigid inflatable boat. "src=""><p>Those who want to experience the Horizontal Falls will find <a href="" target="_blank">cruise itineraries</a> and local tour operators that will take them to this natural wonder. Travelers can also get a bird’s eye view on one of the seaplane tours out of <a href="" target="_blank">Broome</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Derby</a>.</p>
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‘Queer Eye’ Style Expert Tan France Is Just Fine Flying in Sweats, Thank You Very Much

7 hours 19 min ago
<p>If you’ve seen Netflix’s “Queer Eye” series, you know you can trust Tan France with fashion advice. And if you haven’t and want to cry the most warm-hearted tears you are capable of on your next flight, I recommend you download an episode or two.</p><p>The reboot of the early aughts makeover show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” lets viewers watch as a panel of lifestyle experts — the “Fab Five” — schools its subjects on grooming, style, interior design, cooking, and culture. France takes care of all things fashion. On the show, which premiered its second season June 15, he’s known for his confident and bold approach to style — but on the road, it’s all about comfort.</p><p>We sat down to talk travel with France, who’s on a plane “literally every two or three days” promoting the show, at a New York City launch event for <a href="" target="_blank">Travelpro’s new Platinum Elite line</a>, which, according to France, is some “next-level” luggage.</p><p>We’ve got the scoop on his favorite destinations, his super-efficient packing strategy for men, and some refreshingly real travel style tips.</p><p><strong>Travel + Leisure: Let’s start with your packing philosophy. How do you approach style on the road?</strong></p><p><strong>Tan France:</strong> “Keep it simple and make it as versatile as possible. I watch my husband pack and it’s infuriating. He tries to pack every darn thing for every circumstance, and I’m like, pack a light pair of jeans, a dark pair of jeans, and a short if you’re going to the beach. Pack five different T-shirts, every color that you like. Pack a button-down shirt, just in case. And pack a <a href="" target="_blank">suit</a>, and then break that suit up and wear it a thousand different ways. You can look chic AF in super plain stuff that you’re rotating out and changing up.</p><p>“And pack [in <a href="" target="_blank">a carry-on bag</a>]. I hate waiting at the carousel, especially in New York. Sometimes it can take up to half an hour. You can fit a whole week of stuff in a carry-on if you think about it wisely. Don’t try to make your vacation your fashion moment.”</p><p><strong>What does the actual packing part look like for you?</strong></p><p>“[The ‘Queer Eye’ guys] are in a different place practically every week, so it’s very well considered at this point. I start with my shoes — I usually pack two pairs if I’m going away for four or five days and I’ll wear another one. I’ll put them around [the walls of the suitcase] and it creates a kind of valley. I’ll put my socks in my shoes to use the space wisely and I’ll put all my underwear in the top flap because you can lay it out and not use much room.</p><p>“And then, I don’t roll. I fold. I think it’s a common misconception that rolling will help you access more space. That’s not a thing. So I fold, fill in that valley, and on top I put the things I need to make sure don’t wrinkle. For example, a blazer, I’d fold it in half and place it on top so that when I open my suitcase up, it’s as wrinkle-free as physically possible.”</p><p><strong>Do you have an ideal airplane outfit?</strong></p><p>“OK, this is so not what people expect me to wear. I think people expect me to go in a floral shirt and my boots that I’m always in. That’s not the case. I think people who make the effort to dress up for a plane are insane. I want to look nice; I want to look stylish. But I will wear my most stylish sweats, sneakers, T-shirt, and hoodie. I want to be able to layer and to <a href="" target="_blank">sleep on a longer flight</a> — I fly between L.A. and New York a lot. If [the flight is] an hour or two, get dressed up, no big deal, but if you’ve got longer than a couple hours of flying, get comfortable. Wear sweats, but make them nice and clean.”</p><p><strong>Is there one item you pack for every single trip?</strong></p><p>“Sneakers, without a doubt. <a href="" target="_blank">Really comfortable sneakers</a>. These days, you can get really stylish sneakers like never before that you can wear and walk in all day. So, sneakers for sure.”</p><p><strong>What would your dream trip look like?</strong></p><p>“I already know — It’s something I had to cancel last year. It was my husband’s 40th birthday and we’d been wanting to go to <a href="" target="_blank">Iceland</a> for years; it’s our dream trip. [But] we ended up extending filming to finish up season two, so we had to cancel literally a week before. We were going to go on a trip of the whole island for three weeks: the blue lagoon, we were going to stay in the middle of nowhere in the forest in a cabin for four days, Reykjavik, the <a href="" target="_blank">Northern Lights</a>, the black sand beach — just everything that Iceland is known for.”</p><p><strong>Are there any destinations you would go back to over and over again?</strong></p><p>“New York [City], I used to come here every six months to a year for 12 years before I finally moved to America. And also, <a href="" target="_blank">Berlin</a>.”</p><p><strong>What do you love most about travel?</strong></p><p>“Internationally, I love to experience different cultures and see things I’d never see in the country that I’m from. And in the U.S., I love traveling because I love getting to see all that my new home has to offer.”</p><p><em>Note: The above interview has been edited for clarity.</em></p>
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Here’s What to Wear in Hawaii, Whether You’re Relaxing on the Beach or Hiking to a Waterfall

9 hours 49 min ago
<p>Believe it or not, Hawaii’s second largest island, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Maui</a> has a lot more to offer beyond its sprawling 30 miles of beaches. While that alone might be enough to satisfy beach bums and surfers, there are also mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls tucked into the island's lush rainforest — all of which can be explored from the winding Road to Hana. It's no wonder <em>Travel + Leisure</em> readers voted it the <a href="" target="_blank">sixth best island on earth</a> in our World's Best Awards.</p><p>Need a break from nature? Explore Paia, the charming surf town where you can spend the day shopping the local boutiques — sandy flip-flops encouraged. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in a prime location to catch the island’s breathtaking, pink sunset.</p><p> </p><h2>Road to Hana</h2><img alt="what to wear in hawaii hana "src=""><p><em>(clockwise from top left)</em><br />Miguelina top, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $290<br />Acacia swim top, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $112<br />Acacia swim bottoms, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $106<br />Eyevan 7285 sunglasses, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $540<br />Laura Lombardi hoops, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $98<br />Patagonia fanny pack, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $29<br />Teva sandals, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $50<br />Frame shorts, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $180</p><p>The first thing you’ll likely hear about while planning your trip is the <a href="" target="_blank">Road to Hana</a>, the scenic, 65-mile highway on Maui’s eastern shore that carves its way through the rainforest. It's a narrow, winding road, so be prepared. But it's so worth it, as many of the best hikes and waterfalls on the island — like the <a href="" target="_blank">seven sacred pools</a> at Haleakala National Park and the black sand beaches and caves at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Wai'napanapa</a> — await along the way. For intermediate or experienced surfers, continue along to surf at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Ho'okipa</a>.</p><h2>Shopping in Paia</h2><img alt="what to wear in hawaii shopping "src=""><p><em>(clockwise from top left)</em><br />Wald Collection earring, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $267<br />Wald Collection earring, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $104<br />Zara hat, <a href=";v2=598502" target="_blank"></a>, $30<br />Toteme swimsuit, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $150<br />Ganni jeans, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $395<br />Sonix iPhone case, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $40<br />Carrie Forbes sandals, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $343<br />Lapima sunglasses, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $480</p><p>If you need a break from the sun, visit the bohemian surf town of Paia on the North Shore for a day of shopping. Grab some eats at local favorites <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Mana Foods</a> or <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Fish Market</a>, then shop the nearby boutiques for some resortwear essentials. Our favorites are <a href="" target="_blank">Nuage Bleu</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Imrie</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Puka Puka</a>. The neighboring town, Makawao, also has some great shopping, especially at <a href="" target="_blank">Driftwood</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Pink by Nature</a>. If you choose to spend the night, reserve your stay at the quaint <a href="" target="_blank">Paia Inn</a> for stellar views and some serious hospitality.</p><h2>Beach Bumming</h2><img alt="what to wear in hawaii beach day "src=""><p><em>(clockwise from top left)</em><br />On The Island pants, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $321<br />Made by Dawn bikini top, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $139<br />Made by Dawn bikini top, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $117<br />Ray-Ban sunglasses, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $190<br />Gone Rural Safari Curios necklace, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $30<br />Rebecca de Ravenel bag, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $261<br />Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, from $8<br />Tkees sandals, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, $95<br />Tory Burch towel, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $128</p><p>If you’re in Hana and want a chill, quiet beach day away from the crowds, head to <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Big Beach</a>. If you're traveling with family and looking for a beach that has it all — restaurants, bars, and shops all in the vicinity — then the <a href="" target="_blank">Ka'anapali</a> side of the island is your best bet. If you’re in Ka'anapali, end the day with a sunset cruise on the island’s best catamaran charter, the <a href="" target="_blank">Gemini</a>.</p>
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Leave It to a Top Chef Judge to Craft the Perfect Spanish Getaway

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 15:01
<p>Gail Simmons, television personality and author of the new cookbook Bringing It Home, first visited Spain almost two decades ago. "I studied in the south when I was 21, and always wanted to go back to that part of the country with my husband, Jeremy," she says. When the couple learned in September that they were expecting a second child, they planned a getaway with their four-year-old daughter, Dahlia, combining city strolls in Madrid and Seville with resort relaxation in Málaga. "Especially in Andalusia, the gastronomy is so simple and beautiful," says Simmons, who kept Dahlia on East Coast time so that they could experience Spain's late-night dining culture as a trio. "We'd take her on a tapas crawl and let her sleep late. She is a great traveler. I love the fact that she has no fear."</p><img alt="Fina Cortesía resort, in Malaga "src=""><p>"We landed in Madrid on Christmas Day. It was a magical time to be there—the holiday lights in Spain blow away any on Fifth Avenue in New York. That day we went to the city's oldest churro shop, <a href="">Chocolatería San Ginés</a>. It's a wonderland. The chocolate is so rich, and they have this amazingly decadent cake. My daughter got way into it, of course. In Málaga, we stayed at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="">Finca Cortesin</a> (above), a resort unlike any I know. It's up in the hills, with stunning views. We'd spend every morning in the pool—Dahlia could swim for hours."</p><img alt="Gail Simmons and daughter on vacation in Spain, at Casa de Pilatos "src=""><p>"Our last stop was Seville, which is just as wonderful as I remember—there's so much to explore. It's full of Moorish buildings and beautiful homes. We loved touring <a href="">Casa de Pilatos</a> (above), a 16th-century palace with incredible gardens. We'd often go to tapas bars like <a href="">Salsamento</a> and get tins of anchovies or sardines, a little cheese, and chorizo or jamón. It's the perfect traditional Spanish lunch."</p>
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This Secret Rosé Garden Overlooking Rodeo Drive Will Be the L.A. Rooftop of the Summer

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 14:26
<p>Enter through a pink passageway hidden behind a guestroom door, and you’ll find yourself facing a rose-covered wall and stepping onto a grassy rooftop. On one side of the floral wall is a full-size badminton court, and on the other, a suspended floral installation floats above marble tables and woven bistro chairs.</p><p>The Secret Rosè Garden on the famed Rodeo Terrace of the <a href="" target="_blank">Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel</a>, will debut on June 23 and continue through mid-September.</p><img alt="Rose Garden Beverly Wilshire "src=""><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Attention, Wine Lovers: This Rosé Mansion Is Hiring a ‘Mansion Ambassador’</a></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Rosè</a> every way — sparkling, still, frosè, and in cocktails — will be the star, with a supporting cast of caviar, oysters, finger sandwiches, and more, along with desserts by pastry chef Chris Ford. Caramelized rosè with violet-salted caramel, mascarpone mousse, passion fruit, and chocolate rose petals, and the rosè sundae with rosè sherbet, Tahitian vanilla bean kisses, and raspberry rosè gummies are examples of Ford’s creative confections.</p><img alt="Beverly Wilshire rooftop "src=""><img alt="beverly wilshire rooftop rose garden "src=""><p>The summertime pop-up was inspired by the hotel’s beloved 1960s and ‘70s Garden Lounge, and Acacia wood lounge furniture and views of Rodeo Drive create a lively, retro atmosphere.</p><img alt="Beverly Wilshire rooftop 1970s "src=""><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Hotel guests</a> and visitors are invited to enjoy warm, breezy evenings in this elegant setting from 3 to 9 p.m. daily.</p>
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You Can See More Varieties of Cacti in the Chihuahuan Desert Than Anywhere Else

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 12:01
<p>The Chihuahuan Desert is the most biologically diverse desert in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the most diverse in the world. Over 175,000 square miles spanning northern Mexico, southwestern Texas, and southern New Mexico and Arizona, the desert is home to more than 1,000 species of plants and animals.</p><p>Back in the 1800s, the desert itself was covered in tall grass, but due to overgrazing, agriculture and oil drilling, only the species of plants that have been able to survive the harsh conditions remain.</p><p>Visitors to the <a href="" target="_blank">Chihuahuan Desert</a> can enjoy long hikes to find rare plants and animals; the desert is home to <a href="" target="_blank">more species of cacti</a> than anywhere else. <a href="" target="_blank">According to the National Park Service</a>, the claret cup cactus, which blooms in late spring, can grow up to five feet in diameter with dozens of crimson-colored flowers.</p><p>However, since the Chihuahuan Desert is actually a “shrub desert” you might not see as many cacti as you would elsewhere, so spotting a flowering cactus can be a rare treat.</p><img alt="Chihuahuan Desert "src=""><p>The desert is also home to the dunes sagebrush lizard, an increasingly disappearing species of lizard that lives in the sandy dunes. The <a href="" target="_blank">Center for Biological Diversity</a> is currently petitioning for the reptile to be officially protected as an endangered species.</p><p>The Chihuahuan desert only receives about 36 to 48 inches of rain annually, usually between July and October. The summers tend to be extremely hot and the winters are very cold, so the best time to visit the desert in the fall and spring. Springtime especially is best for seeing plants in full bloom. However, travelers should be ready for a variety of weather conditions.</p>
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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at the Airport

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 11:01
<p>Adults forced to spend hours in an airport can go to the bar, tour shops, or treat themselves to a nice meal.</p><p>Kids? Their go-to airport activities usually involve crying, whining, and trying to trip other passengers at the gates.</p><p>Fresh toys and gadgets loaded with games and movies is one way to keep kids entertained before a flight. But family-friendly airports and kid-oriented amenities will have young travelers wondering why adults whine about being stuck at the airport.</p><h2>Check Out the Planes</h2><p>Sometimes the best part of hanging out with kids at the airport is the great show put on by the airplanes and the bustle of activity out on the airfield. Watch from a window seat in a gate area or food court, or head for an airport observation deck. For example, <a href="" target="_blank">Baltimore-Washington International Airport</a> has a large pre-security viewing gallery (with exhibits and a snack bar) and there’s a small post-security viewing deck at the entrance to Terminal 2 in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.</p><h2>Airport Art Exhibits</h2><p>Many airports stage family-friendly art and history exhibitions year-round. Through September, there’s a fun exhibit of antique coin-operated machines — including one that dispensed perfume — at <a href="" target="_blank">San Francisco International Airport.</a> A few cases filled with ships-in-bottles have been spotted at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (which also has excellent planespotting) and <a href="" target="_blank">Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport</a> has rotating exhibitions of artwork in Terminals 2, 3, and 4.</p><h2>Playing With Pups</h2><p>Teams of adorable, stress-busting therapy dogs wearing “Pet Me!” vests regularly make the rounds at dozens of U.S. airports, and the specially-trained pups (and, at SFO, <a href="" target="_blank">a pig</a>) are happy to get hugs and kisses from kids. The pooches will patiently pose for photos and their handlers usually have souvenir trading cards to give out featuring head shots and stats (i.e. age, breed and favorite treats) for each animal.</p><h2>Orlando Airport's Theme Park Attractions</h2><p>An arcade, a 3,000-gallon aquarium in the Main Terminal food court, a fun fountain, and photo-op ready statues of Mickey Mouse, Snow White and other celebrity characters make <a href="" target="_blank">Orlando International</a> feel more like a theme park than an airport. Shops for the Kennedy Space Center, Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando offer one last chance for must-have souvenirs. And the top floor of the parking garage is a great spot to watch the area’s nightly theme park fireworks – for free.</p><h2>Robots and Mr. Rogers</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Pittsburgh International Airport</a> entertains children with its freshly refurbished Kidsport area filled with interactive displays, an exhibit honoring the Steel City’s own Fred Rogers and his “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” TV show and a giant Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. PIT is also home to an art installation billed as the “<a href="" target="_blank">World’s only in-airport robot repair shop</a>,” and a <a href="" target="_blank">giant transformer-like robotic figure</a> inspired by the city’s bridges.</p><h2>Kid-friendly in Chicago</h2><p>At <a href="" target="_blank">Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport</a>, the ever-popular “Kids on the Fly” play area in Terminal 2 lets little ones climb on airport-themed toys while, in Terminal 1, a four-story tall, 72-foot long skeleton model of a brachiosaurus looks down from its spot outside the Field Museum. Kids get exercise and entertainment walking along the 744-foot-long kinetic neon light sculpture in the Terminal 1 underground walkway and a reason to look up “sustainability” after visiting the 26 soil-free plant towers in <a href="" target="_blank">O’Hare’s aeroponic garden</a>. When it reopens in mid-March, the airport transit system will once again provide free rides and airfield views as it travels between terminals.</p>
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What You Need to Know About the TSA's New Restrictions on Powders in Baggage

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 17:30
<p>Packing your liquids and gels into three-ounce bottles is just one of the many things you have to do for airport security. And now there's another thing to add to <a href="" target="_blank">the list</a>.</p><p>Starting June 30, the Transportation Security Administration <a href="" target="_blank">will require</a> extra screening and limit the size of powders in carry-on bags of travelers entering the U.S., <a href="" target="_blank">CNN reported</a>.</p><p>For travelers flying to the U.S., any powdered substances — like makeup, protein shake mix, spices, baby powder — will need to be packed in containers less than 12 ounces (350 mL), or about the size of a can of soda. Larger amounts must be packed in checked bags only. Powders in carry-on bags are also subject to a secondary search by the TSA. Powdered baby formula, medicines, and cremated human remains are exempt.</p><p>The TSA is asking international airports with nonstop flights to the U.S. to implement this policy as well.</p><p>“We encourage people to divest certain items – especially organic items – in order to get a clearer view of what’s going on inside the bag,” <a href="" target="_blank">TSA spokesperson Mike England told <em>USA Today</em></a>. “It’s something we advise people to do. We’re asking our foreign partners to do what we’re already doing domestically.”</p><p>According to <a href="" target="_blank">CNN</a>, the new policy comes as a reaction to a failed plot to blow up an Etihad plane in Australia last July. The device the attackers planned to use was discovered at the airline’s check-in desk.</p>
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Delta Updates Emotional Support Animal Policy, Bans Pit Bulls

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 17:04
<p>Delta is adding new restrictions to its <a href="" target="_blank">service and support animal policies</a>, and the updates could affect many dog owners across the country.</p><p>Beginning July 10, the airline is limiting emotional support animals to one per passenger, and banning “pit bull type dogs” as both service and emotional support animals, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>USA Today</em> reported</a>. (A service animal is one specifically trained to do work for people with disabilities, while an emotional support animal provides comfort without specific training.)</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">United Airlines Forced Emotional Support Peacock to Give Up Its Seat</a></p><p>The update comes about six months after Delta <a href="" target="_blank">changed the requirements for emotional support and service animals</a>, and at a time when many major airlines — including <a href="" target="_blank">American</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">United</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">JetBlue</a> — are revising their animal policies.</p><p>Delta's ban includes pit bull mixes. It is unclear whether this policy also includes bull mastiff breeds, which can look similar to pit bulls but are their own separate breed category. They are often mistaken for pit bulls. Other breeds like bulldogs and terriers are also related to pit bulls but are not specifically named. Since the policy says “pit bull type” dogs, these breeds may also be under scrutiny.</p><p>Since the updated policy will take effect July 10, that leaves a limited amount of time for people who may have a pit bull as their service or emotional support animal to make other travel arrangements. However, airline officials say the changes are out of concern for public safety.</p><p>“These updates, which come as the peak summer travel season is underway, are the direct result of growing safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten," a spokesperson for the airline said, <a href="" target="_blank">according to CBS News</a>.</p><p>Many U.S. airlines have revised their animal policies after a string of incidents involving pets on flights. Delta <a href="" target="_blank">states on its website</a> that the changes follow “an 84-percent increase in reported incidents involving service and support animals since 2016, including urination/defecation, biting and even a widely reported attack by a 70-pound dog.”</p><p>Travelers with questions about the policy and how it may apply to their service or support animal should contact the airline.</p>
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Anthony Bourdain's Favorite New Jersey Spots May Become an Official Food Trail

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 16:36
<p>The late Anthony Bourdain loved New Jersey — and especially New Jersey’s food. Bourdain spent much of his childhood in Leonia, and summers at the Jersey Shore.</p><p>In honor of the former resident, the state of New Jersey could soon dedicate a designated Bourdain food trail.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">How Anthony Bourdain Picks the Locations for Each Season of “Parts Unknown”</a></p><p>“Even after international fame, he never forgot his Jersey roots,” New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty <a href="" target="_blank">said in a statement</a>. “Each episode, Bourdain brought his homegrown wit, charm, and sense of humanity to his viewers. He became a New Jersey food icon.”</p><p>Moriarty has proposed legislation that the Division of Travel and Tourism establish an official Anthony Bourdain Food Trail. The trail would consist of the 10 restaurants the chef visited on a 2015 episode of CNN’s “Parts Unknown.”</p><p>This would include Kubel’s in Barnegat Light, Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee, Knife and Fork, Dock’s Oyster House, Tony’s Baltimore Grill, and James’ Salt Water Taffy in Atlantic City, Tony and Ruth Steaks and Donkey’s Place in Camden, Lucille’s Country Cooking in Barnegat, and Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park, <a href="" target="_blank">according to <em>The Inquirer</em></a>.</p><p>Many of these places were not only beloved by Bourdain, but are also considered local favorites.</p>
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Ditch the Tour Bus with These Three New Adventurous Tour Options

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 14:00
<p>Why drive when you can float, pedal, or just <em>wander</em>? The latest offerings from several veteran tour operators let you go beyond the well-trod sightseeing circuit for a more active, immersive experience.</p><img alt="Lighthouse, Cap de Formentor, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain "src=""><h2>By Boat</h2><p>With its just-launched <a href="" target="_blank">Mallorca Flotilla</a>, charter company <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Sunsail</strong></a> allows experienced sailors to steer themselves along the Spanish island’s striking, sun-dappled coastline, led by a flagship manned by guides. The itinerary starts in <a href="" target="_blank">Palma de Mallorca</a>, the largest city of the Balearic Islands, sailing from harbor to harbor up to the seaside village of <a href="" target="_blank">Port de Sóller</a>, before turning back and visiting the national park in the nearby <a href="" target="_blank">Cabrera Archipelago</a>. Expect plenty of stops for swimming, hiking, and drinking sangria on the beach. <em>Seven days from $1,962.</em></p><h2>By Bike</h2><p>Luxury cycling company <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>DuVine</strong></a> kicks off its <a href="" target="_blank">first Asia tour</a> this fall, spinning through some of <a href="" target="_blank">Japan’s most stunning</a> landscapes. From <a href="" target="_blank">Kyoto</a>, follow the Uji River into tea fields and the mountainous Kii Peninsula beyond. Along the way, riders will stay in traditional <a href="" target="_blank"><em>ryokan</em></a> inns, visit historic Buddhist temples, tour Nara's trail of saké producers, and soak in the <em><a href="" target="_blank">onsens</a> </em>of Mount Yoshino. The post-ride <em>izakaya</em> meals might be the most rewarding part. <em>Seven days from $8,595.</em></p><img alt="Panorama of Piedmont vineyards and Barbaresco town "src=""><h2>By Yourself</h2><p>The new <a href="" target="_blank">self-guided tours</a> from <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Exodus Travels</strong></a> let you see Europe on your own terms. Reservations and routes are set, but no chipper guides or packed schedules here. Whether you're tasting truffles and Barolo on a walk through <a href="" target="_blank">Piedmont</a> in northern Italy, canoeing through France's Périgord region on the <a href="" target="_blank">Dordogne River</a>, or cycling along the <a href="" target="_blank">Danube</a> from <a href="" target="_blank">Vienna</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">Budapest</a>, you’ll set your own pace and choose what to see (with guidance just a phone-call away). <em>Six days from $770.</em></p><p><em>Our series Reasons to Travel Now highlights the news, events, and openings that have us scoping out plane tickets each day.</em></p>
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T+L Summer Shortlist: How to Get the Full Lobster Experience in Portland, Maine

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 13:31
<p>It's <a href="" target="_blank">officially summer</a>, and we're celebrating the season by relaxing and doing the one thing all of us at <em>Travel + Leisure</em> love to do: travel. This year we've launched the <a href="" target="_blank">Summer Shortlist</a> of the U.S. cities we wouldn't mind spending a few long weekends this season.</p><p>Quiet charm, beautiful views, and nautical activities earned <a href="" target="_blank">Portland, Maine</a> a place on our list — and the incredible farm-to-table cuisine has us setting sail for the coastal city ASAP.</p><p>From hopping on a Maine <a href="" target="_blank">lobstering excursion</a> to watch lobstermen catch their haul, to perusing the <a href="" target="_blank">Portland Farmers' Market</a> in Monument Square, you can see close-hand how your dinner starts to make its way from the sea to the table. Round out your trip with fresh lobster rolls at <a href="" target="_blank">The Highroller Lobster Co.</a>, and truly appreciate all the love and effort it took to serve you some of the best seafood you've ever had.</p><p>You can learn more about the New England city's underrated food scene and lobstering tours in the video above, and get ready to start planning a seaside escape to Portland, Maine.</p>
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The Great Blue Hole in Belize Is One of the World's Most Gorgeous Mysteries

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 11:30
<p>There’s a spot in the ocean that looks like a portal to another world.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Great Blue Hole</a>, about 43 miles off the mainland of Belize, is a giant sinkhole near the center of <a href="" target="_blank">Lighthouse Reef</a>.</p><p>The gigantic circle, about 1,043 feet across and 407 feet deep, was formed after a series of glacial events when the sea levels were much lower than they are today.</p><p>The site was <a href="" target="_blank">made famous by Jacques Cousteau</a>, who charted how deep the hole actually was. He declared it one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world. Every year, scuba divers flock to the reef to explore its pristine waters and discover the many varieties of tropical fish and sea life that live there, including the Caribbean reef shark. Day trips to the hole are popular attractions for tourists in Belize.</p><img alt="The Blue Hole in Belize. "src=""><p>However, the Great Blue Hole is not an easy dive, and divers without significant experience should not attempt it. The hole itself is very dark and is a draw for divers who want to get a glimpse of the area’s ancient stalactites, rather than colorful plants and animals.</p><p>The hole is also part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, which was made a <a href="" target="_blank">World Heritage Site of UNESCO</a> due to its scientific and historical significance.</p><p>If you are an experienced diver, the dark depths are an impressive sight to behold, and the surrounding reef is a natural wonder. And don’t worry, you won’t fall into a parallel universe — though it certainly looks like it.</p>
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As If Alicia Silverstone Wouldn't Have the Ultimate Packing Routine

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 11:00
<p>It would be unfair to say that Alicia Silverstone is back, because she never went away. Although she burst on the scene as a teenager in <a href="" target="_blank">those famous Aerosmith videos</a> and solidified her '90s poster girl status as Cher Horowitz in “Clueless,” Silverstone has been working steadily in film and television ever since.</p><p>She has also been keeping busy with her passion for health. The dedicated vegan has written two books, “The Kind Diet” and “The Kind Mama” about her journey to eating a completely plant-based diet and motherhood. (Her son Bear Blu Jarecki is 7.) She also launched a line of vitamins and health products called <a href="">My Kind Organics</a>.</p><p>On top of that, she has returned to television with a starring role in Paramount’s new series “American Woman.” Created by Kyle Richards of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Silverstone plays a woman named Bonnie Nolan (who is based on Richard’s mother). She plays a rich Los Angeles housewife who thinks she has it made, but after finding out her husband is cheating on her, she abruptly finds herself a single mother and career woman in the swinging and turbulent 1970s.</p><p><em>Travel + Leisure</em> spoke with Silverstone about her new role, some of her amazing trips, and the surprising thing she loves to do when she travels.</p><p><strong>T+L: What drew you to this new role?</strong></p><p><strong>Alicia Silverstone:</strong> “I read the script and I thought what a juicy, meaty character for me. Bonnie goes through so much in the first and episode and then, of course, the whole season. There was just so much to sink my teeth into.”</p><p><strong>You are traveling a lot right now for the show and for your film. How do you pack for a trip?</strong></p><p>“My favorite way of packing is to plan out exactly what I need. Look at the weather and look at what I’m doing, and then bring one pair of shoes that works for everything and one jacket that works for everything. That’s my favorite way — but when I’m rushed and too crazy sometimes I am not very good at that. That’s when I pack everything in the world. It takes a few good hours to really pack well but when you do, it is so worth it. You have everything you need.”</p><p><strong>What do you always bring when you travel?</strong></p><p>“This is a shameless plug but I always travel with <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">My Kind Organics Vitamin B spray</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Vitamin C spray</a>. That will keep me well wherever I go. I created it for that exact reason. There are those times when you’re traveling and you can’t get what you need. I can eat vegan, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be the greens that I want or the brown rice that I want. That’s why I have these vitamins that I want and bring my <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">gummies</a>. In the midst of all of this I am also shooting a film and the whole set has been having these gummies as an afternoon snack pick me up. It’s like that when you’re traveling. You need sustenance to keep going and when you can’t get what you need that’s why I created it.</p><p>“I also look at <a href=""></a> [a vegan restaurant locator] to see where the nearest healthiest place to eat is because I do like to have fun and eat delicious food. My favorite thing is to eat so I love going to the best restaurants! But at the same time you still need the basics. In New York City I always love to go to all the delicious, yummy places like <a href="">NIX</a> and Candle 79 but I always have to go to <a href="">Souen</a> as my base. That’s the place where I know I can get my greens and my brown rice.</p><p>“I also always travel with a water bottle with a filter in it. Once I get through security I can fill it up and it doesn’t get you all the way through the flight, but it helps. And, of course, my sprays. It helps me not get sick.”</p><p><strong>Do you have a plane uniform?</strong></p><p>“No, I need to figure that out! I’m working on that. I wore a dress on the plane this time and it worked out just fine. It was comfy.”</p><p><strong>What are some of the best trips you've been on?</strong></p><p>“I’ve been on many great trips in my life. The most recent one that was the most wonderful was 18 or 19 days alone with my son in Hawaii at a friend’s place in Kauai. He was out of town and we stayed in his house for nine days and that was divine, and then we stayed at my friend’s organic farm in Kīpahulu. Just being with my son for that long all by ourselves and being completely free to do whatever we wanted was amazing.”</p><p><strong>Do you have a favorite hotel?</strong></p><p>“I love to do Airbnbs because I love a kitchen and then I can make breakfast. But there are some amazing hotels I have stayed at. <a href="" target="_blank">The Post Ranch Inn</a> in Big Sur is insane.”</p><p><strong>Do you like to cook when you travel?</strong></p><p>“With cooking while traveling it’s more that I want to feel my best. I enjoy it the most. At least knowing where I can get one or two meals that I’m controlling and that are super healthy then I can feel good about going out and enjoying something else. If I go away and eat three meals a day at the mercy of the world I’m not going to feel good. It is also really relaxing to cook. In Hawaii I found myself cooking and cleaning a lot of the time and I was like, ‘I’m on vacation. Why am I doing this?’ But I felt so happy doing it. I loved having my little boy playing in the rain while I cooked.”</p><p><strong>Where are you dying to travel to?</strong></p><p>“There are so many trips that I would like to go on in this lifetime. Definitely New Zealand. I want to go back to Australia. I want to go back to Hawaii. I always love going to Big Sur and Lake Tahoe. I want to do a trip with my son in the car or in a supervan where we go to all the hot springs up north. But also just exploring more of Italy and France. All of that sounds not too shabby.</p><p>“I’ve been to Africa three times, all different parts. I’ve been to Peru, down the Amazon. That was a great trip I did with Woody Harrelson a long time ago. And I love Ireland, I’m going to go back soon. It’s one of my favorite places. I’ve been many times. Lithuania was so cool, too. I shot a film there.”</p><p><strong>Because “Clueless” is the best film ever, can you name an amazing memory from that set?</strong></p><p>“Just how important costumes are. At the time I didn’t really understand that it was its own character in the movie. It was exhausting at the time. All the fittings were so annoying because I wasn’t into fashion when I was young. I was just, ‘Ugh, I have to keep trying on clothes,’ cause I was a kid. But then when I saw the movie I had such an appreciation for it.”</p><p><em>Editor's note: This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.</em></p>
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Your Next Doctor’s Appointment Could Include Gourmet Meals, Luxe Spa Treatments, and Hikes in the Swiss Alps

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 10:02
<p>“You’ll be hungry,” my Swiss friends warned when I told them I was heading to Waldhotel, a hybrid five-star hotel and medical facility at the <a href="" target="_blank">Bürgenstock Hotels &amp; Resort</a> (three-night Basic Med program and accommodations from $4,690) on Lake Lucerne. I’d just spent 10 days fueling ski runs in Verbier with fondue, chocolate, and <em>vin chaud</em>, and had decided to remedy indulging in those less <a href="" target="_blank">healthy habits</a> at one of <a href="" target="_blank">Switzerland</a>’s newest wellness destinations. The 160-room Waldhotel has a 17,000-square-foot spa that competes with any in the world, along with a staff of internists, cardiologists, and orthopedists.</p><p>As a working mother of two, doctor’s appointments take low priority. In the American medical system, my physician is frequently as rushed as I am. This is why some travelers are supplementing their annual GP visits with thorough checkups at medical spas, where they can be pampered as they would be on a vacation. I had signed up for the Waldhotel’s three-day Basic Med program, which includes a full physical, skin screening for cancer, and tests that measure metabolism, lung capacity, and body composition.</p><p>The medical wing is as sumptuous as it is functional, with blond-wood floors, marble bathrooms, and ambient music to take the edge off the anxiety that often comes with signs signaling X-rays and ultrasounds. The all-white examining rooms have sweeping views of forest and farmland. Should the diagnostic machines reveal bad news, this is the place to get it.</p><p>My first appointment, with the founding medical director, Michael Brabetz, M.D., was similar to an annual exam. Next came a body check from Ahmad Jalili, M.D., a dermatologist who is fluent in Farsi, English, Polish, German, and Arabic—an advantage given the hotel’s international clientele. I then had a scan to measure my bone density, muscle mass, and fat mass, followed by a lung test to see how much air I could hold. This required sitting in a glass box for 30 minutes, biting down on a mouthpiece and breathing at different rates while a technologist occasionally cut off my oxygen. Feeling as if I’d smoked a pack of cigarettes, I recovered in the spa’s wet and dry saunas before falling asleep on a nearby platform waterbed.</p><p>Recovery—physical and mental—is the emphasis. During the next several days, I went on hikes and runs, enjoyed a 90-minute massage, and received a facial worth the entire trip. And my Swiss friends turned out to be wrong about the food. At the hotel’s Verbena restaurant, I dined with other guests on roasted sea bass and lamb shoulder.</p><p><strong>Related</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">These Luxury Wellness Vacations Are the Perfect Opportunity to Relax and Renew</a></p><p>The only fasting required was for a morning blood test and the calculation of my sedentary caloric output, which required wearing what looked like a gas mask. Any hesitation I had was overcome by the technician’s promise of espresso as a reward. He also performed an ultrasound examination of my liver, kidneys, stomach, and intestines, followed by an electrocardiogram.</p><p>My last challenge was a cryotherapy session, something I was curious to try. This is the practice of briefly exposing the naked body to air hypercooled with liquid nitrogen; believers swear it soothes sore muscles and promotes weight loss. Cryotherapy commonly takes place in a tank, but at Waldhotel it involves walking through three rooms that look like meat lockers, each progressively colder. After I stripped to my underwear, the technician showed me the emergency exit while handing me gloves, an ear cover, and a mask to protect the nose and mouth. I stepped into the first room (14 degrees Fahrenheit) for the allotted 30 seconds before spending 30 seconds shivering in the second room (–76 degrees). I was then sent into the third room (–166 degrees), where one ideally remains for three minutes. I stayed for one before signaling for the exit, shaking and numb.</p><p>Happily, that was the only test I failed. On my final day, Brabetz spent an hour going over my results, assuring me that I was in excellent shape. I nearly wept with happiness: maybe chocolate and wine are the keys to anti-aging? I headed home with a clean bill of health and a glowing complexion, looking forward to my next annual checkup—Swiss style.</p>
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Pixar Pier Is Finally Open at Disney California Adventure — Here’s What You Can Expect

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 06:22
<p>Summer at Disneyland and California Adventure is typically a Dole Whip-filled, Splash Mountain-riding affair, but starting this weekend it’s all about Pixar Pier.</p><p>The soon-to-open land themed to the various characters and cinematic storylines from Pixar’s vast library of films will bring new shops, restaurants, entertainment, play areas and meet-and-greets to Disney California Adventure’s waterfront expanse along with two re-conceived attractions. (Toy Story Mania, the joyously competitive shootout game, will remain open and unchanged.)</p><p>As the park’s first Pixar Animation Studios-helmed expansion since Cars Land opened six years ago, the re-imagined area honors its previous incarnation as Paradise Pier, blending turn-of-the-century coastal Californian style with classic seaside accoutrement and, naturally, a cast of animated faces fans know and love.</p><p>From must-book reservations to colorful sugary delights, here’s what to expect when the historic film studio sets up its permanent theme park home on June 23.</p><h2>Two fan-favorite attractions will soon be transformed.</h2><p>Incredicoaster, the most anticipated opening this year, will debut a storyline as thrilling as its drops and inversion loop centered around Jack-Jack Parr’s <a href="" target="_blank">newfound superpowers</a> — which, as seen in Incredibles 2, are aplenty. Pixar Pal-A-Round, modeled after Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel, will boast a bright new look with beloved character pairings on its swinging and stationary gondolas.</p><img alt="Pixar Pier opens at Disneyland California Adventure "src=""><p>The roller coaster, formerly known as California Screamin’, and ferris wheel, which lived previous lives as the Sun Wheel and Mickey’s Fun Wheel, have been popular attractions since opening at the park in 2001, but Pixar Pier’s reimagining will breathe new life into these time-tested rides.</p><h2>Pixar Pier is more than just a new land.</h2><p>Disney California Adventure has expanded the former Paradise Pier into four distinctly themed areas. One will boast mid-century touches and design details honoring The Incredibles, while another will feature “Toy Story” attractions, shopping and dining. A third “neighborhood” will encompass all things Pixar (more on that below) and the fourth will permanently introduce “Inside Out”’s emotive characters to the theme park for the first time.</p><h2>Nearly every movie you can think of will be represented</h2><p>From colorful carnival games to Pixar Pal-A-Round buckets swinging in the sky, plan to be greeted by familiar faces everywhere. The Pixarmonic Orchestra, a colorful group whose quirky renditions of film scores have been a hit with early summer guests, will perform from a themed bandshell while billboards in the likeness of old seaside advertisements with nods to Coco and WALL-E will serve as decor throughout.</p><p>A designated Pixar Promenade area will even be used as an all-encompassing mini-land, so expect characters from Pixar films we don’t even know about yet to call it home in the coming years. We’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for easter eggs — of which we’re told there will be plenty — and not-so-hidden references to Pixar’s productions everywhere from “Monsters, Inc.”-inspired cocktails to insider-y names of gift shops.</p><h2>There’s even more on the way.</h2><p>Not everything will open with Pixar Pier when the land debuts on June 23. Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, which will sell rainbow cotton candy, character-shaped cake pops and sweet candy tears (like in “Inside Out”) is delayed until later this summer. Two new rides will also come in 2019: Jessie’s Critter Carousel, on which guests will ride the adorable woodland creatures from “Toy Story 2” and an “Inside Out” spinning ride, of which details remain slim.</p><img alt="Pixar Pier opens at Disneyland California Adventure "src=""><h2>If you’re in search of Instagrammable food, come hungry.</h2><p>Adorable Snowman’s lemon-y soft-serve and Pixar-themed parfaits, which dunk the frozen treat in a cup of refreshing blue raspberry slush, have already garnered a following, but plenty others stand to be discovered throughout summer. Pixar Pier’s <a href="" target="_blank">six soon-to-open dining locations</a> will offer hot dogs, fried chicken, churros and cookies, all themed to those animated features and short films the studio is known for.</p><h2>Our expert opinion: Make your dinner reservations now.</h2><p>Lamplight Lounge is likely to become an instant hit. The new table-service restaurant, which replaces Ariel’s Grotto restaurant, is Disneyland Resort’s first gastropub and wears the name well. Hearty eats, like puffy manchego cheese-topped potato skins and pancetta-topped salmon sandwiches, will be served alongside craft cocktails and California-brewed beers, including an exclusive pour from local brewery Bottle Logic. (We hear the donuts, which come with dipping sauces, are a must-have.) Heed our advice or not, you’ll still be able to indulge because Cove Bar, the former go-to patio for cocktails and lobster nachos, has been absorbed into Lamplight Lounge, letting guests order share plates and select menu items upstairs on a whim.</p>
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Pixar Pier Opens at Disneyland This Weekend — Here's How Much It'll Cost to Go

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 17:37
<p>The “Happiest Place on Earth” (or at least the happiest place in southern California) is testing out new, higher-priced premium tickets.</p><p>On Friday, <a href="" target="_blank">Disneyland</a> will test out dynamic pricing when the gates open for the first day at the hotly anticipated <a href="" target="_blank">Pixar Pier</a>, in California Adventure, according to the <em><a href="" target="_blank">Wall Street Journal</a></em>. Guests will be able to enter the park for $299 for six hours, or about $50 an hour. Typically, prices for Disneyland range from <a href="" target="_blank">$97 to $135</a> for a 1-day ticket.</p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Disney Is Raising Ticket Prices — Here Are the Cheapest Times to Go</a></p><p>As the <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Wall Street Journal</em></a> explained, the park’s new pricing structure could look a lot like airline pricing, which involves selling tickets at different price points to ensure every seat on an airplane is purchased, while also ensuring the airline makes as much money as it can. So, just as a daytime flight from Los Angeles to New York City is more expensive than a redeye, so too could more popular hours at Disneyland.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">According to Slash Film</a>, executives are reportedly “wary of appearing to gouge customers” and “going against founder Walt Disney’s vision of affordable family entertainment.” However, dynamic pricing, as its known, could also keep the park from becoming quite so crowded, which would be a win for those who paid for the privilege.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Walt Disney World News Today</a> put it this way: “1000 people at $299 will generate the same revenue as 3000 people at $100, but because the $299 event will be much less crowded, guests will enjoy it much more. From a financial perspective, Disney doesn’t care either way because they are bringing in $300k in both scenarios. But guests will have higher praise for the less crowded event, which reflects well on the event, and on Disney.”</p><p>Would-be visitors who don't want to pay the premium prices can wait until the excitement dies down a bit, and visit later in the year for the regular park price.</p><p>In 2019, Disneyland and Disney World are expected to open the doors to <a href="" target="_blank">Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge</a>. No word yet on if they will host another dynamic pricing preview, but if the Pixar event goes well, fans can likely expect to pay a little more to get in early and without the lines.</p>
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Here's How Many People Are Planning to Hit the Road for 4th of July

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 15:48
<p>America is truly ready for an <a href="" target="_blank">Independence Day vacation</a>, according to AAA’s new July 4th Travel Report.</p><p>The report estimates an astonishing <strong>46.9 million Americans</strong> are planning to travel 50 miles or more away from their homes for the 4th of July holiday. That's a 5-percent increase from last year.</p><p>“This Independence Day will be one for the record books, as more Americans take to the nation’s roads, skies, rails and waterways than ever before,” Bill Sutherland, senior vice president, AAA Travel and Publishing, said in a statement. “Confident consumers with additional disposable income will look to spend on travel this holiday, building on an already busy summer travel season.”</p><p>According to AAA, the increase in travel may also be due to the fact that the holiday falls on a Wednesday, meaning people can travel both the weekend before and after July 4th.</p><p>If you’re planning to travel during the week, you may want to try to head out on your vacation a bit early. According to INRIX, a global transportation analytics company, the busiest day to hit the road will be Tuesday, July 3rd. At that time, travel times on the road could be twice as long as normal thanks to the fact that most people – 39.7 million – will be traveling by car.</p><p>“With a record-level number of travelers hitting the road this holiday, drivers must be prepared for delays around major metros,” Scott Sedlik, general manager and vice president - public sector, INRIX, said in a statement. “Although travel times are expected to nominally increase throughout the week, Tuesday afternoon will hands down be the worst time to be on the road. Our advice to drivers is to <strong>avoid peak commuting hours altogether or consider alternative routes</strong>.”</p><p>If you’re flying, you’re not getting off any easier: An estimated 3.8 million people will travel by air. Why the increase in air travel? AAA notes travelers will pay an average of $171 for a round-trip flight along the top 40 domestic routes. That price marks the lowest Independence Day airfare in five years.</p><p>If you haven’t made July 4th plans yet, just read up on the <a href="" target="_blank">best beaches in the U.S. for celebrating the 4th of July</a> and start planning a red, white, and blue celebration today.</p>
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T+L Summer Shortlist: Our Favorite Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 13:30
<p>The <a href="" target="_blank">official start of summer is here</a>, and we're all longing to exchange the nine-to-five grind for fresh air, sunny skies, and relaxation. As we're planning our next getaway, we've put together a <a href="" target="_blank">Summer Shortlist</a> that highlights the U.S. cities we'll be dreaming of all season long.</p><p>The sea is calling our name, so this year we have our sights on <a href="" target="_blank">Portland, Maine</a>.</p><p>In this small coastal city, you can sunbathe, kayak, or surf at <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Higgins Beach</a> for a peaceful day in the sun. If you're up for an adventure, an island-hopping sailboat ride around Casco Bay needs to be on your itinerary.</p><p>And what better place to get lobster than in Maine, which is home to arguably the tastiest lobster rolls in the U.S.? Or perhaps you'd like your pick of fresh fish by taking a trip down to <a href="" target="_blank">Harbor Fish Market</a>? But you won't find just seafood here. The city also serves up some of the <a href="" target="_blank">best donuts in the country</a>, and craft beer enthusiasts will have their pick of 17 thirst-quenching microbreweries in the area.</p><p>Take this as your sign to book your ticket to Portland now. The Mainers will be there to welcome you.</p>
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The Jobs You Should Apply for If You Love Spending Time Outdoors (Video)

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 12:31
<p>If you often find yourself dreaming about having a career that lets you spend time in nature, you're in luck. </p><p>Whatever it is that inspires your love for the great outdoors, there are many jobs out there that will pay you to interact with wildlife and like-minded travelers. </p><p>While some of these positions require a specific degree, others offer on-the-job training. Some will even provide you with free housing in exchange for your work. </p><p>We’ve rounded up a range of careers that will get you out of the office and on your feet. Qualification requirements and median annual wage (as of May 2017) numbers are based on the latest information from the <a href="" target="_blank">U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics</a>. </p><h2>Anthropologist or Archeologist: </h2><p>Anthropologists and archeologists spend their time studying people, from their origin and development to their behavior. The positions involve examining cultures and physical characteristics of people from around the globe, and sourcing archeological remains, many of which often end up in <a href="" target="_blank">museums</a>.</p><p>In <a href="" target="_blank">these positions,</a> you could be hired through research organizations, analyzing samples and conducting fieldwork that may at times require traveling for extensive periods. Requirements often include a master’s degree or PhD, though those with bachelor’s degrees can sometimes start as assistants or in fieldwork. <strong>Median annual wage: $62,280 </strong></p><h2>Commercial Diver: </h2><img alt="diver "src=""><p>Love the water? Becoming a <a href="" target="_blank">commercial diver</a> means you’ll be spending the majority of your time there, as you’ll be using scuba equipment to inspect the ocean, remove and install structures, conduct underwater experiments, or photographer underwater species and structures.</p><p>According to the <a href="" target="_blank">Diver’s Institute of Technology</a>, you’ll need a high school diploma or an equivalent level of education, and will need to be at least 18 years of age and pass a diving physical to qualify. <strong>Median annual wage: $55,270 </strong></p><h2>Landscape Architect: </h2><p>As a landscape architect, you’ll spend your days developing green spaces for both private and public sectors. You could find yourself working on projects that range from design spaces in <a href="" target="_blank">parks</a> and highways to working on government buildings.</p><p>Most states <a href="" target="_blank">require</a> that you have a license, though the specific licensing requirements vary from state to state. Typically, most will require applicants to have a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school as well as internship experience. You’ll also be required to take the <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Landscape Architect Registration Examination</a>. <strong>Median annual wage: $65,760 </strong></p><h2>Tour Guide:</h2><img alt="tour guide "src=""><p>As a guide, you’ll get to help travelers plan, organize, and take tours across destinations, often escorting them to art galleries, historic monuments, and popular nature sites. Most <a href="" target="_blank">tour guides</a> obtain a high school diploma or equivalent form of education and are trained on the job. Some locations require tour guides to obtain a license. <strong>Median annual wage: $29,180 </strong></p><h2>Forest or Conservation Worker: </h2><p>If you love spending your time surrounded by trees, <a href="" target="_blank">these positions</a> are for you. Forest and conservation workers will often monitor the state of forests, taking inventory of trees, checking their conditions, and planting and transporting seedlings.</p><p>They’re often hired through state and local governments or privately owned forest lands and nurseries, and most careers requiring a high school diploma. <strong>Median annual wage: $27,650 </strong></p><h2>Surveyor: </h2><p>Surveyors are responsible for establishing the official boundaries for land, airspace, and <a href="" target="_blank">water sources</a>, typically working with homeowners and construction firms. <a href="" target="_blank">Most positions</a> require a bachelor’s degree, and a specialized license is required for certain tasks such as certifying legal documents. <strong>Median annual wage: $61,140 </strong></p><h2>Agriculture Worker: </h2><img alt="farmer "src=""><p>In this role you will help <a href="" target="_blank">maintain farms, crops, and care for animals</a>. You’ll receive training on the job, but animal breeders will require a high school diploma. If you’re looking to try your hand at farming, consider checking out the <a href="" target="_blank">Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms</a> (WOOF), where you can stay with organic farmers in exchange for helping out on their property. <strong>Median annual wage: $23,730 </strong></p><h2>Environmental Scientist: </h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Environmental scientists</a> are responsible for collecting data to advise policymakers and industries on how to reduce waste, while monitoring environmental conditions and helping clean up polluted areas.</p><p>Time on the job is often split between being in the field and conducting work in offices and labs. At least a bachelor’s degree in a natural science or science-related field is required for most entry-level positions. <strong>Median annual wage: $69,400 </strong></p><h2>Geoscientist: </h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Geoscientists</a> specialize in the Earth’s composition and behaviors. You may find yourself studying natural resources like ground water, petroleum, and metals, conserving soils, maintaining the quality of water supplies, and developing land-use plans.</p><p>You’ll split your time working in labs and offices and conducting fieldwork, which can often be in remote locations. Most entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree, though some require a master’s. <strong>Median annual wage: $89,850</strong> </p><h2>Recreational Worker: </h2><img alt="instructor "src=""><p>A <a href="" target="_blank">variety of jobs</a> fall under this category, whether you’re looking to work with summer camps and fitness centers or parks and forests. Workers in these positions typically need a high school diploma or equivalent level of education to apply and will receive training on the job, though requirements will vary based on the specific position. <strong>Median annual wage: $24,540 </strong></p><h2>Wildlife Photographer: </h2><img alt="wildlife photographer "src=""><p>If you’ve got an eye for shooting images and a love of animals, this competitive field could be for you. You’ll need to have camera skills and learn how to edit pictures, since <a href="" target="_blank">most positions</a> won’t require post-secondary education, though some will require a college degree. <strong>Median annual wage: $32,490</strong></p><h2>Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists: </h2><p>Animal lovers can spend their days <a href="" target="_blank">studying the physiology and behavior of various creatures</a> and monitoring how they interact with their habitats. While you may spend some of your time in offices and labs, you will also find yourself collecting data in the field and studying animals in their natural habitats.</p><p>You’ll need a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions, while a master’s degree is often required for investigative or scientific work, and a PhD is required to work independently or on a university research project. <strong>Median annual wage: $62,290 </strong></p><h2>Recreational Protective Service Workers: </h2><p>If you’ve ever though about working as a lifeguard or on ski patrol, this is the <a href="" target="_blank">category</a> you’ll find yourself in. These workers monitor recreational areas like pools, beaches, and slopes to keep everyone safe. Positions typically require a high school diploma/GED or certification after high school. <strong>Median annual wage: $23,570 </strong></p><h2>Fish and Game Wardens: </h2><p>In <a href="" target="_blank">these positions</a>, you’ll be commissioned as law enforcement by state and federal agencies to help patrol areas and prevent fish and game law violations like poaching. You’ll also investigate damage caused to crops or property by wildlife. </p><p>Jobs are often assigned through each state’s fish, park, and wildlife department or on a federal level through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Positions typically require a valid driver’s license and a bachelor’s degree, though some will accept experience instead. <strong>Median annual wage: $58,570 </strong></p>
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