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Secondary infertility: When you can't have a second child

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 07:12
The emotional struggle as one couple tries for a brother or sister for their daughter.
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Infertility: Couple spends £14,000 on IVF after having first child

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 07:12
One woman speaks about the “guilt” and “frustration” of being unable to have a second child.
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'Urinary tract infection left me housebound'

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 06:21
Women with chronic urinary tract infections say the pain can last for years and make it impossible to live a normal life.
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Vaccine firm Valneva seeks apology over Javid comments

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 06:20
French firm says it will not rule out "legal recourse" against the UK government for loss of earnings.
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Alabama boy certified as world's most premature baby

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 02:50
Curtis Means defied all odds after he was delivered in Birmingham, Alabama, weighing just 420g.
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Hundreds of patients in gene study given rare disease diagnosis

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 01:54
The new approach could lead to better treatments for those waiting years for answers.
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Lives at risk from 'unacceptable' ambulance waits

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 01:46
Targets are missed across UK - with some heart attack and stroke victims waiting up to nine hours for help.
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Mental health: ‘Do we ever see our role models cry?’

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 00:30
Following a friend's suicide, Andy Bishop, set up ManGang, a support group to help get men talking.
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Covid-resistant people inspire new vaccine tactic

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 16:00
Some people exposed to coronavirus didn't get ill. Now researchers want to use that in vaccines.
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Hack leaves fertility clinic medical data at risk

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 15:18
A private fertility clinic and a hospital are among those hit by a ransomware gang.
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Germany coronavirus: Record rise prompts warning of 100,000 deaths

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 13:51
The state of Saxony has the highest rate of infection in Germany and the lowest vaccine take-up.
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Coronavirus births: 'My baby's first word was mask'

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 02:09
How the lingering effects of the pandemic are affecting the lives of new parents and young children.
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Toddlers may be getting hooked on sugar in snacks

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 01:18
Some weaning snacks encourage a sweet tooth from an early age, say health campaigners.
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LGBT fertility policy: Influencers say guidelines place 'unfair financial burden' on them

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 10:52
Influencers Megan and Whitney Bacon-Evans say rules place "unfair financial burden" on LGBTQ+ people.
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Covid in Scotland: 'Nursing shifts left me inconsolable'

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 10:07
As vacancies hit a record high, Chloe Burke says she is leaving nursing because the pressure was too much to bear.
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Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 09:20
Whitehall sources tell the BBC frontline staff will have until the spring to get fully vaccinated.
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US couple on alleged IVF swap: 'Our memories of childbirth will always be tainted'

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 08:01
A California couple was given the wrong embryo by an IVF fertility clinic, according to a lawsuit.
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California couple sue clinic for alleged IVF swap 'horror'

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 02:04
Two California couples gave birth to each others’ babies after a mix-up at a fertility clinic , a lawsuit claims.
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Regular 10pm bedtime linked to lower heart risk

Tue, 11/09/2021 - 00:43
Synchronising sleep to match our internal body clock appears to be good for the heart, claim scientists.
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Lesbian couple challenge NHS over 'discriminatory' fertility policy

Mon, 11/08/2021 - 19:09
Influencers Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans say the rules are unfair to LGBT people.
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